Bar Examination and Application Checklist: Second Year (for PT students, 3rd year)

Here are the steps that you should complete in your second year in order to prepare for success on the bar examination when you graduate:

  • Examine/review the requirements of the jurisdiction(s) where I plan to take the bar exam.
  • Determine the subjects that will be tested on the bar exam in those jurisdictions.
  • Consider the bar exam requirements when choosing upper-level courses. If one has to learn most of the content tested on the bar exam during the summer before the bar exam, it makes bar preparation more difficult and stressful. However, course selection can and should involve other important factors such as general interest and practice interest and that all courses that help me learn legal analysis and writing will be helpful, even if the subject matter is not covered on the bar exam.
  • Prepare to register for and take the for-credit bar preparation course offered by the law school in the fall semester of my final year.
  • Plan ahead financially so I will have enough money for a bar review course and for living expenses while studying for the bar exam. Look into applying for a bar examination loan to help cover expenses.
  • Plan not to work during the period needed to be studying for the bar exam, including the time during the bar review course.
  • Attend the annual presentation on bar exam information held at the law school.
  • Take, or register to take, the MPRE. (If taking the bar examination in Massachusetts, one must take and receive a score of 85 or above in order to be eligible to sit for the bar examination; if in New Jersey, the minimum score is 75.)
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