Bar Examination and Registration Checklist: Final Semester

  • Application -- check the requirements of the jurisdiction(s) whose bar examination(s) you plan to take.
    • download the application
    • set aside a time to complete the application. Give yourself at least a week; it will take some time to gather the housing/employment information--the older you are, the more information you will need to gather and supply.
    • Special considerations: 1) Laptops--note and follow your jurisdiction's laptop policy; 2) Accommodation--if you have had accommodations for any disability during law school, prepare and file a well-documented request for accommodations or the bar exam; 3) Medication--be sure to get approval for any medications that you will bring to the exam, including over-the-counter medication.
  • Supplemental Bar Prep Sessions -- attend the supplemental bar prep sessions, offered on Saturday mornings in January-March and covering all the MBE topics plus MultiState Performance Test (MBT) workshops.
  • Commercial Bar Course -- enroll in a commercial bar course. Now is the time to finish your tire-kicking and make a selection.
  • Planning for the summer push
    • plan ahead financially to have enough money for a bar review course and for living expenses while studying for the bar exam. Consider applying for a bar examination loan to help cover expenses.
    • select a place to live while studying for the bar exam. Avoid changing residences during the bar preparation period, as such a change will distract from study and take up valuable study time.
    • plan to study 4-6 hours every day in addition to the time spent in the commercial lectures (about 4 hours per day).
    • do not work (either volunteer or paid) during the pre-bar exam period.  Treat the bar exam preparation as a full-time job.
    • address child-care/family care issues so that you are able to study full-time.
  • Final Days
    • reserve a hotel room at the site of the bar exam and make arrangements for transportation.
    • familiarize yourself with the exam security policies used in your jurisdiction and the detailed list of items that can and cannot be brought into the examination room and prepare accordingly.
    • arrive at least the day before the exam to allow time to get settled in and to familiarize yourself with the test location (and transportation and parking).
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