Clinic Annual Application and Registration Process


How do I apply for a Clinic? 

• Download and complete the Application for each Clinic to which you are applying.

Criminal Clinic Application

International Human Rights Clinic Application

Legal Services Clinic Application

Legal Services Housing Clinic Application

Small Business Clinic Application

Real Estate Practicum Application

Application process for Spring 2015 clinics will begin in September, 2014.

• Apply to Clinics through Symplicity

  • To access Symplicity, go to
  • Enter the user name and password emailed to you by Career Services (If you do not have a password, please contact Marie Fletcher at or 413-782-1469).
  • From your Symplicity home page, click on Documents tab and upload the required application materials.  Please note, you need to complete an application for each clinic to which you are applying.
  • Return to your Home page and click on the On/Off Campus Recruiting tab. Once in on-campus interviews, use the drop down arrow under  Sessions field and select clinic to which you are applying.
  • Click on Interview Button button.
  • Select interview date.
  • Select interview time.
  • Select application documents (resume, transcipt, and clinic application).
  • Click the Sign Up button.
  • If you need any assistance using Symplicity, please contact Marie Fletcher at 413-782-1469.

• Selection Process

Process Deadline
Deadline to Apply to Clinics on Symplicity   10/9/14
Interviews Completed   10/17/14
Posting Decisions   10/20/14
Accept/Decline by Students
(respond to or stop by the clinic office)

Decisions will be posted on the Student Records Bulletin Board. You may also get results by phoning Marie Fletcher at 782-1469.

Students should apply to all clinics they are interested in.

Students who are accepted for two or more clinics must choose one clinic.  You may choose to be
placed on the waitlist of another clinic for the alternate semester.  Students may not withdraw their
acceptance of a clinic to choose another clinic offering.

How do I Register for a Clinic? 

- Once you have accepted a clinic offer complete student portion of the Clinic Registration Form .
- Obtain signature from Clinic Administrator.   
- Submit completed form to Registrar's Office.

To learn more, contact Marie Fletcher, Clinical Programs Administrator, at Tel.: 413-782-1469 or email: