Student Secured Externship Placement 

Students may secure their own judicial, public interest or private sector externship placement with prior approval. Please contact Clinical Programs Adminstrator Marie Fletcher for more information on the approval process. 


A student secured externship is open to students who have successfully completed 32 hours of law studies.

of Externships: 

Externship Seminar that meets for a total of fourteen hours over the course of the semester. Seminar assignments  and reading provide an opportunity for structured reflection on the role of the lawyer. Students are required to complete a conflicts form and a learning agenda, maintain a weekly journal, submit weekly time sheets and complete a research assignment.
Semesters Offered: Fall and Spring

Faculty Supervised Field Placement where students must secure a full-time faculty member to supervise their externship placement. Student is required to meet with a faculty supervisor at least every other week. Students are required to complete a conflicts form and a learning agenda, maintain a weekly journal, and submit weekly time sheets.
Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer




Students will be required to attend an externship orientation prior to the commencement of their first externship field placement for an introduction to the course requirements, instruction on ethics, professionalism, and a skills refresher.

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Please view the EXTERNSHIP HANDBOOK for an overview of the policies and procedures relevant to the Western New England University School of Law Externship Program.

Questions? Contact Marie Fletcher, Clinical Programs Administrator, at Tel.: 413-782-1469 or email: