Volunteer Opportunities

Time spent in law school can forge some of the strongest bonds of friendship one can build in a lifetime. Maintaining connections to classmates and faculty is made easier through continued association as an alumni volunteer.

Our School of Law alumni are invited to consider the following volunteer opportunities:

  • Membership on the Alumni Association Board of Directors—Help shape the future of the School of Law.
  • Become a Class Agent—Engaging classmates to support our School of Law programs and stay connected.
  • Connect through Alumni Area Chapters—Attend and/or organize regional alumni gatherings.
  • Service as a moot court judge—The next best thing to live litigation. Help a student gain practical training with the benefit of your experienced judgement.  Contact kim.roeder@wne.edu.
  • Job Shadow Experience   “Your Present. Their Future.”
    To ensure that Western New England University School of Law graduates possess the practical skills required to be compassionate counselors and effective advocates, your Alumni Association Board has created an exciting shadowing opportunity for students to bridge classroom doctrinal instruction and practical legal skills.

    The program’s goals seek to:
    • Expand a law student's understanding of the practice of law outside of the classroom
    • Expose law students to the art of practicing law through the perspective of a practitioner
    • Instill in law students the pride and integrity of legal practice
    • Provide students with a qualified, committed attorney role model
    • Introduce law students and recent grads to the legal community and provide networking opportunities
    • Provide a voice of experience for students in the study of law

Now that you have some perspective and expertise, and have been through some of the ups and downs of practice, we invite you to share your experience and expertise with a recent grad or law student. We are looking for alumni that are willing to be contacted by current students or recent grads that may need guidance in the field or a portal into the legal world. This is one of the most effective ways to pass on skills, knowledge and wisdom, and train the next generation of professionals. We hope that alums find guiding a law student or new grad to be very rewarding and that they will in turn help a student in the future.

It’s very easy to be a part of this program, just let me know you are willing to be contacted by our students or recent grads. Your record in the database will be coded to the effect that you are willing to be contacted at work regarding this program.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in the Western New England University School of Law Alumni Association please call 413-782-1311 or send an email to: kim.roeder@wne.edu. We look forward to hearing from you! 

1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119
Main University: 413-782-3111
Admissions: 413-782-1406 or 800-782-6665