LAW 604-03 Advanced Torts: Business Torts

Business Torts loosely refers to causes of action for economic harm between businesses or individuals acting within a business context, other than for breach of contract. This course will survey a variety of such causes of action not covered in depth in the basic contracts and torts courses, but which form the core of many lawyers' civil litigation practices. Topics covered may include breach of�the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, misrepresentation, tortious interference with contract and economic advantage, investor litigation, trade secrets, employment torts, unfair competition, and violation of state unfair trade practices statutes. Throughout the course, an emphasis will be placed upon the practicalities of business-related civil litigation, including strategy, the economics of business litigation and "best practices" lawyering.�There is no casebook required for this course.� All case materials and readings are available electronically or as handouts.