QWC 619-02 Labor Law Arbitration

This course will present an in-depth view of the law of labor arbitration and the law of the labor contract. Because it is a QWC, the course will emphasize writing skills in the arbitration context. Rather than writing a large research project, the students will instead have weekly writing assignments of between five and ten pages per week. By breaking the writing down into smaller components, the student will be able to demonstrate a steadily improving understanding of the complexities of legal writing as well as learning about such issues as what disputes may be arbitrated, the drafting of the issue for arbitration, preparation of a pre-hearing memorandum, the content of arbitration, post-arbitration briefs, and actions to confirm or set aside awards. The course will explore the labor contract in a number of contexts, which may include discipline and discharge, pay disputes, promotion, layoffs and recalls, mandatory overtime or any of the other types of disputes which go to arbitration. Enrollment is limited to 16 students. This course satisfies the Qualified Writing Requirement. This course satisfies 3 Writing Units.