Jessup International Law Moot Court

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition (Official Site) is named in honor of the distinguished legal scholar and former judge of the International Court of Justice.  The International Law Students Association and the American Society of International Law co-sponsor the competition.  Law schools throughout the world participate in the Jessup Moot Court, preparing memorials (briefs) and arguing a hypothetical case before the International Court of Justice, the judicial arm of the United Nations.  The problem usually arrives in August.  From that date through the middle of January, the Jessup Team, composed of four students, prepares two memorials (one for each side of the case) based on the record drafted for the international competition by experts.  The memorials are due in mid-January and the regional competition is scheduled for mid-February.  Between the filing of the memorials and the date of the regional competition, the team practices for the oral argument. Among recent topics: whether a multinational corporation's decision to stop vaccine trials in one of its manufacturing host countries violated the country's sovereignty. Law schools from over 100 countries participate in the world-wide competition, with winners of regional rounds advancing to national rounds. National winners advance to the final international competition held in Washington, D.C.


The faculty adviser is Art Wolf (782-1435).


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