ABA Negotiation Moot Court

The ABA Negotiation Moot Court Team (Official Site) is an inter-law school competition sponsored by the American Bar Association Law Student Division.  The purpose of the competition is focused on the parties' ability to utilize negotiation skills and strategies to negotiate successfully a settlement that best serves the needs of each respective party.  The Negotiation Team is comprised of two teams, each with two members.  The team members work together to evaluate each other's arguments, negotiation style, and legal strategy in preparation for the Regional Competition.  The Regional Competition is held in early November and the National Competition is held in February.  In 2002-2003, the Western New England University School of Law Negotiation Team finished fifth in the National Competition. The team is coached and organized by the Team's faculty advisor and by returning Western New England University School of Law students who participated on the team the previous year.  Students participating on this year's team will become eligible to serve on the Negotiation Moot Court Board.  A copy of the Negotiation Moot Court Team Constitution is on reserve in the Law Library.

At the 2003 Competition, the Western New England University School of Law team won fourth place, the fourth straight year the School qualified for the national competition. In 2001, the team took first place honors.


The faculty adviser is Rene Reich-Graefe rreichgraefe@law.wne.edu (782-1451).

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