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School of Law Hosts Karl Okamoto

Posted Friday, April 22, 2011


The Law and Business Center for Advancing Entrepreneurship recently hosted Karl Okamoto as part of its speaker series. Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Law Concentration at the Earle Mack School of Law at Drexel University, Okamoto discussed “The Over-confident and Unambitious Entrepreneur.”

Okamoto discussed the topic of entrepreneurship and technology saying that “the economists tell us there are three reasons we have growth at all in the economy including physical capital, human capital, and innovation. They also tell us that physical capital is by nature limited, so that is not going to be the reason why we keep growing. Human capital, yes it does grow, yes we become healthier and better educated, yes some of us can become more productive, but when you look at the history of the modern world since the Industrial Revolution and you ask yourself why there has been such an enormous growth in the last few hundred years, the answer always comes back to innovation. So if we’re going to focus efforts on improving the economic forecast for ourselves, we are going to have focus on innovation. We are going to focus in particular on entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship is the means by which new ideas, innovative ideas, get translated into practice.”


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