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2014 Law Commencement - President's Remarks

Posted Saturday, May 10, 2014


Law Commencement
Saturday, May 17, 2014
9:30 a.m.
Symphony Hall - Springfield MA 

President’s Remarks
Dr. Anthony S. Caprio

          Good morning, and welcome, everyone, to this Western New England University School of Law Commencement Ceremony. Welcome, distinguished guests, members of the platform party, family members, and friends of the graduates. To the members of the Class of 2014, I offer you my heartiest congratulations. You have worked hard, I know, to reach this significant milestone. Your commitment is admirable, and I commend you for it.
To parents, spouses, and family members of our graduates, I offer a sincere expression of gratitude for all you have done to support these graduates during their studies at the School of Law. I extend to you also my congratulations. You have succeeded in helping our law graduates achieve their success. Thank you.

          Today we recognize and honor 125 of you being awarded the Juris Doctor (the J.D.) degree and the Master of Laws degree (the LL.M.). And this morning several of you will be presented the Master of Business Administration (the M.B.A.) degree or the Master of Accounting (the M.S.A. degree) concurrently with the J.D. degree. You have every reason to be proud of your accomplishments. Like the graduates of this School of Law who have preceded you, many of you will choose to become members of the judiciary and diligent and caring practitioners of the law.  Many of you will choose to use your legal education in other fulfilling ways. Like your predecessors, all of you have public responsibilities to undertake and a commitment to making this a more just and civilized society for all of us to live in together. The law is, after all, a set of reasonable rules for governing society, providing guidelines of fairness and common sense. You can help make this society honest, fair, and decent. You can make a tremendous and positive impact.

          Find passion and fulfillment in your work. The law is a noble profession. Through the knowledge of the law that you have acquired here, you can uphold the rule of law and ensure that the fair administration of justice prevails. You control what you do and how you do it. You determine how you undertake your work, and to what greater good and purpose you dedicate yourself. You have acquired the precious tools to make your calling fulfilling, stimulating, and satisfying. You are not a mere legal technician. You are here to see that justice prevails, to give us all dignity, and to assure our liberties.  We are governed by the rule of law, and we depend on you to defend us and the principles of law and to secure for us all guarantees provided to us by our own federal and state constitutions. I repeat: the law is a noble profession.

          At Commencement exercises being held today, including this ceremony for the School of Law, the University will have awarded 600 bachelors, masters, doctoral, and law degrees. You will be joining what will become today over 43,700 alumni of Western New England University worldwide, including over 8,500  graduates from the School of Law. I am proud to have you as alumni of this University.  And we are all proud of you for having achieved the degree you will be awarded today. I hope you will look back fondly and with appreciation on all you have learned here and on all those whom you have met here – faculty, staff, and fellow students. You have every reason to feel confident in all that you undertake in the months to come because you have studied here; you have learned the art of rigorous analysis, and you have gained in clinics and in externships hands-on knowledge of the law. You have been taught by an outstanding and dedicated faculty. You have received a first rate 21st century legal education at the Western New England University School of Law. You have learned here how to make a living and how to make a life. And also, how to make a difference. I am confident that your futures will continue to be bright, fruitful, and prosperous. Congratulations.



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