Health Law Association

The Health Law Association seeks to inspire student interest in a quickly emerging and sometimes misunderstood specialty. When most people think of Health Law, they think of medical malpractice, but that's just the starting point. Health Law embraces a vast range of topics including healthcare policy, quality control and delivery of services, licensing and regulatory compliance, federal approval of drugs and devices, nonprofit corporate governance, and the legal relationships between providers, payors, and patients. The Health Law Association seeks to broaden student awareness by bringing in guest speakers on a wide range of topics and to help students find their niche in this wide-ranging specialty by connecting them with practicing alumni, introducing them to internships, and presenting speakers to illuminate the law school community.

1215 Wilbraham Road, Springfield, MA 01119
Main University: 413-782-3111
Admissions: 413-782-1406 or 800-782-6665