Professional Skills Course Requirement

In order to be eligible for graduation, each student must successfully complete a Professional Skills Course (two or three credits). Professional Skills Courses help students develop professional skills under the direct supervision of a faculty member. They include clinical and simulation courses, trial and appellate advocacy courses, and alternative dispute resolution courses.  Students may also satisfy the Professional Skills Requirement by membership on an intramural moot court team, including trial, negotiation and appellate moot court teams, for which they receive academic credit. Students may fulfill the Professional Skills Course Requirement while simultaneously satisfying the Qualifying Writing Course Requirement if a course is designated as both a Professional Skills Course and a Qualifying Writing Course.  However, because of American Bar Association rules, beginning with the class entering in fall 2010 a student may not satisfy both requirements with the same course. 

The courses that fulfill the requirements will vary year to year.  The courses from the 2012-2013 curriculums that satisfy the Professional Skills requirement are:

 LAWS 617 Crim. Pre Trial Practice (description)
 LAWS 655 Legislative Advocacy & Lobbying (description)
 LAWS 673 Appellate Moot Court (description)
 LAWS 681 Trial Methods (description)
 LAWS 701 Discovery and Deposition (description)
 LAWS 777 Transactional Lawyering Seminar (description)
 LAWS 728 Mediation (description)
 LAWS 764 Mass Prac & Proc I  (description)
 LAWS 796 Negotiation Mediation & Arbitration (description)
 LAWS 902 Housing Clinic (description)
 LAWS 903 Real Estate Practice Practicum (description)
 LAWS 905 Criminal Law Clinic (description)
 LAWS 904 Small Business Clinic (description)
 LAWS 910 Legal Services: Skills Seminar (description)
 LAWS 911 Legal Services Clinic (description)
 LAWS 912 International Human Rights Clinic (description)
 QWCS 780 Criminal Procedure Simulation (description)
 QWCS 723 Estate Planning (description)
 QWCS 757 Federal Litigation: Pension Rights (description)
 QWCS 797 Litigation in the Pre-Trial Phase (description)

The skills course requirement may also be satisfied by satisfactory participation on a moot court team, whether trial, appellate or negotiation, for which course credit is awarded.

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