Qualifying Writing Course Requirement

In order to be eligible for graduation each student must successfully complete a Qualifying Writing Course. The Dean shall designate in the course registration materials those courses that are Qualifying Writing Courses. In addition, with the approval of the Dean, LAW 951, Tutorial Study, and LAW 952, Advanced Research, may satisfy this requirement if the faculty member(s) supervising such course shall certify in the written registration materials submitted to the Registrar’s Records Office at the commencement of the semester in which the course is taken that it meets the requirements set forth below.  Students may fulfill the Qualifying Writing Course Requirement while simultaneously satisfying the Professional Skills Course Requirement if a course is designated as both a Professional Skills Course and a Qualifying Writing Course.  However, because of American Bar Association rules, beginning with the class entering in fall 2010 a student may not satisfy both requirements with the same course. 

The courses that fulfill the requirements will vary year to year.  The courses from the 2012-2013 curriculums that satisfy the Qualifying Writing Course Requirement are:

 QWC 606 Genetics and the Law (description)
 QWC 637 Jurisprudence: Survey (description)
 QWC 668 Law and Terrorism (description)
 QWC 692 Advanced Legal Research and Writing (description)
 QWC 714  Business Planning and Advising Entrepreneurs (description)
 QWC 733 Alternative Reproductive Technology (description)
 QWCS 723 Estate Planning (description)
 QWCS 757 Federal Litigation: Pension Rights (description)
 QWCS 780 Criminal Procedure Simulation (description)
 QWCS 797 Litigation in the Pre-Trial Phase (description)

In order to be designated or certified a Qualifying Writing Course, as provided above, a course must be taken for two or more credits and :
(a) be taught by a member of the full-time faculty, unless otherwise approved by the Dean;
(b) have a maximum enrollment to be determined by the professor in consultation with the Dean, but in no event to exceed 25 students;
(c) be conducted as a seminar, simulation, clinic, or independent study course (LAW 951 or LAW 952);
(d) require the student to complete to the satisfaction of the instructor one or more papers which, in the aggregate, comprise a minimum of 30-50 double-spaced, typewritten pages of expository writing involving original legal research and legal analysis on a topic or topics assigned or approved in advance by the instructor, which writing shall account for at least 50% of the student's final grade in the course. The writing requirement of this paragraph is not satisfied by the drafting of pleadings, statutes, contracts or other similar documents, but may be satisfied by a memorandum explaining the legal analysis involved in the drafting of a pleading, statute, contract, or similar document; and
(e) involve contemporaneous supervision and evaluation of the student's work by the instructor. Prerequisite: Successful completion of the required legal research and writing course requirement unless a waiver has been granted by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and the faculty member.

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