SUBJECT AREA CONCENTRATIONS In the spring of 2008, the Law Faculty approved
an optional concentration program for law students wishing to develop a level of
specialization in a given area of law. Under this program, a student may elect to pursue a
concentration in a selected area by completing the requirements outlined below. If you are
interested in pursuing a concentration, you should complete a form at the Registrar's Office
to make that election. You may make an election to pursue a concentration at any time
after the completion of your first year if full time or your second year if part-time and before the start
of your last semester of study.

Students participating in the concentration program must have a minimum average of a B
for courses within the concentration, calculated at the completion of the coursework for the concentration.
First-year required courses are exempt from this minimum average requirement.
Once the concentration requirements have been successfully met, the student's transcript will
bear a notation that a concentration in the specified area of law has been completed.
The student’s diploma will not bear a notation marking the concentration nor will there be a
separate certificate documenting the concentration.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all of the courses listed in the requirements below are offered every
year and there is no guarantee that the schedule of courses offered in a given year will
permit successful completion of the concentration by all students who wish to participate.
Note especially, that almost all of the concentrations require the completion of a limited
enrollment capstone course, typically a Qualifying Writing Course or a Clinic.
These capstone courses are usually over-subscribed and there is no special priority for
a seat in those classes based on a student’s expressed interest in pursuing a concentration.


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