Business Law Concentration                                                                                                 

In today’s business environment lawyers need to have both a broad and a deep understanding of the legal obligations affecting businesses. Many different legal subjects affect businesses. One of the goals of the Business Law Concentration’s distribution requirements is to ensure that students are exposed to a wide range of corporate and commercial topics. At the same time, students must develop a level of expertise not just through the foundation provided by the required core courses and the immersion in the elective credits, but also by learning how to apply the lessons learned in those courses to real situations through the Small Business Clinic or the Business Planning QWC. The combination of classroom learning and contextual application make the Business Law Concentration a worthwhile goal for any student contemplating a career as a business lawyer.

Required Courses:
Business Organizations (description)
Income Tax I (description)
Income Tax II (description)

*Additional Courses: students must select from the following courses as necessary to comprise at least 18 total credits of coursework in the concentration (required plus additional plus practice component), at least two courses must be selected form  the “Core Courses” list:

Core Courses:
Accounting for Lawyers                                                                                                   
Estate Planning (description)                                                                                                     
Business Planning
Advanced Torts: Business Torts
Corporate Tax (description)
Employment Discrimination (description)                                                                                                      
International Business Transactions                                                                                     
Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration (description)                                                                                         
Sales (description)                                                                                                                                          
Secured Transactions (description)                                                                                                               
Trademark Law (description)                                                                                                                  

Additional Elective Courses:
Analytical Methods for Lawyers
Bankruptcy (description)
Closely Held Business (description)
Consumer Protection
Copyright (description)
Employment Law (description)
Entertainment Law
Federal Tax Practice & Procedure (description)
Franchise Law
Insurance Law
Internet Law
Labor Law (description)                                                                                          
Labor Law Arbitration (description)
Land Finance and Transfer (description)                                                                                                 
Landlord and Tenant (description)
Non-Profit Law (description)                                                                                                   
Patent Law (description)                                                                                                        
Payment Systems
Securities Regulation                                                                                                                            
White Collar Crime (description)
Transactional Lawyering Seminar

Practice Component: student must complete one of the following:                                                    
Small Business Clinic (description)                                                                                                             
Externship preapproved by concentration faculty supervisor as related to entrepreneurship
Business Planning QWC
Transactional Law Meet Competition

Note: Students must also complete one significant piece of writing in the area.
The writing may be satisfied as part of an offered course in the concentration or through an independent study.

*Note: Some courses will not be offered every Academic Year.


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