Academic Success   LAW 695-01, 02, 03               Professor Orlen

Administrative Law         LAW 705-01              Professor Buzuvis

Read pages 1-37 in text.  Register for TWEN, download and review syllabus.

Advanced Legal Analysis  LAW 599-01, 03  Kandace Kukas
Appellate Advocacy  QWC 652-03  Professor Kalman

Appellate Moot Court  LAWS 673-29  Professor Kaiser

Bioethics   LAW 688-01               Professor Noah

Please register for the course TWEN site using an email address that you check regularly.  Please download the document under Course Materials on the TWEN site, read it, and be prepared to discuss.  You can also pick up a hard copy of the syllabus and first assignment from the materials distribution box for the course outside the faculty support office on the second floor.

Business Organizations  LAW 551-01       Professor Reich-Graefe

Civil Procedure  LAW 509-01      Professor Wolf

Civil Procedure  LAW 509-02        Professor Flynn

Civil Procedure  LAW 509-03       Professor Miller
Connecticut Practice & Procedure  LAW 798-03  Professor Burns
Constitutional History  LAW 720-01  Professor Gordon
Constitutional Law  LAW 501-03               Professor Wolf
Conveyancing  LAW 694-01  Professor Gaudio
Criminal Law  LAW 505-01      Professor Baldwin
Criminal Law  LAW 505-02     Professor Goldstein
Criminal Law  LAW 505-03     Professor Leavens
Criminal Law Clinic  LAWS 920-01     Professor Cafaro
Criminal Procedure:  Investigation  LAW 706-01     Professor Leavens
Criminal Procedure:  Investigation  LAW 706-03     Professor Baldwin
Electronic Discovery  LAW 601-03  Professor Katie Winseck
Employment Law  LAW 794-03  Professor Lizana
Estate & Gift Tax  LAW 722-01     Professor Royal
Evidence  LAW 553-01     Professor Goldstein
Family Law  LAW 643-01     Professor Levi
Federal Courts & Jurisdiction  LAW 724-01     Professor Miller
Federal Income Tax Simulation  QWCS 640-01  Professor Metzger
First Amendment Rights  LAW 716-01     Professor Flynn

Income Tax I  LAW 555-01, 03     Professor Metzger

Class 1:  pp. 1-9, 13(at C)-20; 25 (at 3)-41; 68 (at B)-71

Class 2:  pp. 87-94

International Business Transactions  LAW 778     Professor Reich-Graefe
International Human Rights Clinic  LAWS 912-01     Professor Carasik
International Law  LAW 762-01     Professor Charity
International Business Transactions  LAW 778-03  Professor Reich-Graefe

Introduction to LAW 500-01, 03     Professor Steiner

This course is based on the text "What Every Law Student Really Needs to Know:  An Introduction to the Study of Law" by Tracey E. George and Suzanna Sherry (Aspen 2009).  For the first class on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, read and come to class prepared to discuss pp. 1-62.  For the second class on Thursday, August 21, 2014, read and come to class prepared to discuss 63-89.

Judicial Externship  LAWP 907-21  Professor Kaiser

Juvenile Justice  LAW 727-03  Professor Chapman 

Required Text:  Chapman's The Juvenile Justice Experience.  Read pages 2-20.

Labor Law  LAW 708-01     Professor Adomeit
Landlord & Tenant  LAW 696-03  Professor J. Donnelly
Law Office Mangement  LAW 632-03  Professor Agen
Law Practice Externship  LAWP909-10  Dean Cohen
Legal Research and Writing  LAW  507        Professor Cohen
Legal Services Clinic  LAWS 916-01     Professor Shaw

MA Practice & Procedure  LAW 763-03  Professor Estes

Read chapters 1,2 and 3 in Blumenson & Leavens Massachusetts Criminal Practice, 4th edition, New Law Publishing (2012).

Native American Law  LAW 793-03  Professor Cuffee

The 1st Assignment will be Introduction:  Indians and Indian Law; Doctrine of Discovery and American Indian Rights, pp. 1-73.   Text:  Cases and Materials on Federal Indian Law, 6th ed.  Author:  David Getches.

Non-Profit Law  LAW 772-03  Professor Dion
Professional Responsibility  LAW 575-01  Professor Gordon
Property  LAW 511-03  Professor Gordon
Public Sector Labor Law  QWC 781-03  Professor Adomeit
Real Estate Finance  LAW 730-01  Professor Gaudio
Sales  LAW 744-03  Professor Charity
Secured Transactions  LAW 747-03  Honorable Henry Boroff
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity & Law  LAW 690-01  Professor Levi
Small Business Clinic  LAWS 944-03

Torts  LAW 513-01  Professor Steiner

This course is based on the casebook by Arthur Best and David W. Barnes, Basic Tort Law:  Cases, Statutes and Problems, Third Edition (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen).  For the first class, read and prepare to discuss pp. 1-23.

Torts  LAW 513-02  Professor Buzuvis

Read pages 1-13 in text.  Register for TWEN.

Torts  LAW 513-03  Professor Noah

Please register for the course TWEN site using an email address that you check regularly.  Please read pages 1-17 in the textbook and be prepared to discuss the material.  You can also pick up a hard coy of the syllabus from the materials distribution box for the course outside the faculty support office on the second floor.

Trademark Law  LAW 760-03  Professor Coyle and Professor Pelletier

"Foundations and Purposes"

The Trade-Mark Cases (3-7)
Hanover Star Milling Co.  v. Metcalf (7-8)
Mishawaka Rubber & Woolen Mfg. Co. v. S.
S. Kresge Co. (8)
Yale Elec. Corp. v. Robertson (8)
Prestonettes, Inc. v. Coty (8-9)
International News Service v. Associated Press (12-14)
Dastar Corp. v. Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp. (14-15)
Elvis Presley Enter, Inc. v. Capece (28-36)

Trial Methods  LAWS 681-03  Honorable Paul Perachi
Trusts & Estates  LAW 748-03  Professor Gaudio