Abouelleil (Leil) LAWS 916-02  Legal Services Clinic
Adomeit LAW 509-03  Civil Procedure
 1st Class
Adomeit QWC 619 -02  Labor Law Arbitration



Agen LAW 632-03  Law Office Management
1st Class



Aloise  LAW 782-03  Forensic Evidence
1st Class



Baker QWCS 723-02  Estate Planning 
1st Class Introduction:  Objectives; Methods; Goals; Non-Estate Plan; Getting Started - Gathering Information Reading:   Price, §§ 1.3, 1.4, 7.1, 7.2, 7.4, 7.5, 7.6.
Suggested Reading:  Shaffer, chs. 1 & 2
Assignment 1:  Choose a State.
                     Due:  Assignment 1  Jan. 14
Assignment 2:  Select a Topic
                     Due:  Assignment 2 - Jan. 14
Assignment 3:  Prepare Wills for John and 
                     Jane Nobody  
                     Due:  Assignment 3 - Feb. 2
Baker LAW 511-02  Property 
1st Class Midterm Review

Baker LAWS 947-02 Real Property Practicum 
1st Class
Belsky  LAWS 681-03  Trial Methods 
1st Class

Read pages 1-27 in Textbook:  Mauet's, Trial Techniques,  9th edition Wolters Kluwer

ISBN 9781454822332

Blanchard LAW 743-03  Securities Litigation 
1st Class


Boroff  LAW 685-03  Bankruptcy 
1st Class

Burns  LAW 798-03  Connecticut Practice & Procedure 
1st Class
Buzuvis  LAW 705-03  Administrative Law
1st Class

Page 1-30 in required text, Wm. Funk etal.

Buzuvis  LAW 623-02  Title IX:  Sex Discrimination in Education
1st Class Title IX:  please sign up for the TWEN site for this course; the first assignment is available there.
Cafaro  LAWS 920-02  Criminal Law Clinic 
  1st Class    





Carasik  LAWS 912-02  International Human Rights Clinic
1st Class


  Charity  LAW 503-03  Contracts
1st Class Read pages 356-74 (beginning discussion of overreaching).
Charity LAW 958-02  International Criminal Law
1st Class Read pages 1-26 of the case book.  Be prepared to discuss chapter 1 in the context of your general understanding of World War II and crimes that may have occurred in the course of the war.
 A. Cohen  LAW 503-01  Contracts
1st Class During the first week of classes, we will start a review the mid-term examination.  We will then begin discussion of the materials on the Statute of Frauds, pp. 325-347 in the case book. A new syllabus for the Spring semester will be posted on the TWEN site during the first week of classes.
 A. Cohen LAW 760-02    Trademark Law 
 1st Class  Please read and be prepared to discuss pages 7-21 in Ginsburg, Litman and Kevlin, Trademark and Unfair Competition Law (5th ed. 2013) for the first day of class.  A syllabus with subsequent assignments will be distributed in class and posted on my TWEN site.
Cuffee  LAW QWC 692-03   Advanced Legal Research and Writing:
1st Class   Text:  A Practical Guide to Appellate Advocacy, 3rd ed.  Mary Beth Beazley Read before class:  Chapters 1 and 2
Sign up for the Advanced Legal Research and Writing TWEN page on Westlaw.
Bring a clean copy of your best legal writing and an updated resume to our first class.
Donnelly  LAW 672-03  Representing Children
Please read and brief Roe V. Wade 410 U.S. 113 (1973) and be prepared to discuss the case.
  Flynn  LAW 509-01  Civil Procedure 
1st Class Read pp. 681-693 in casebook.

  Flynn   LAW 643-02  Family Law
1st Class Casebook is not yet available at bookstore.  Family Law:  Cases & Materials, 6th ed. by Areen, Regan & Tsoukala.  It's the unabridged (longer) version, ISBN 978-1-60930-054-8. No later than Tuesday, January 7th, copies of the reading assignment (pp. 695-716 of the casbook) will be available outside of the Administrative Assistants' office on the 2nd floor.  I will continue making copies of the assignment available until casebook has arrived at the bookstore.
Gaudio  LAW 694-03  Conveyancing
1st Class

Real Estate Transfer, Finance and Development - pp 2-21

Handout-Tristram's Landing, Inc. v Wait (in 2nd floor Faculty Assistants' Office).

Students should also sign up at and check my Conveyancing TWEN website.
 Gaudio  LAW 730-02  Land Transfer and Finance


Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development - pp.  99-116.
Handout - available at the second floor Faculty Assistants office.

Students should sign up and check my Land Transfer and Finance TWEN site, which is now available.

Gaudio  LAWS 657-02  Real Estate Development
1st Class Casebook:  Real Estate Transfer, Finance, and Development
Chapter 1 pages 99-116
Chapter 8 pages 911-929; 962-978
On TWEN - Course Materials - materials numbered
#42, #39, and #40.
Goldstein  LAW 735-02  Civil Rights Police Misconduct
1st Class Mark Brown & Kit Kinports, Constitutional Litigation Under §1983 2nd ed. (2008).  Lexis/Nexis, ISBN 9781422425459.
Publisher's supplement (available online)
Virtual supplement (TWEN)
1/9/14  Brown & Kinports, 1-13
1/14/14  Brown & Kinports, 13-27
1/16/14  Brown & Kinports, 28-53
Goldstein  LAW 553-02  Evidence
1st Class

1.  Burns, Lubet and Seckinger, EVIDENCE IN CONTEXTt, 4th ed. (2010) NITA
ISBN  9781422491669.
2.  FEDERAL RULES OF EVIDENCE, any 2013-14 Edition containing the legislative history (Advisory Committee notes, committee reports, etc.), e.g. ISBN 9780314288905 or ISBN 9781609304294.

Strongly recommended:
3.  Mueller & Kirkpatrick, EVIDENCE (Student Treatise), 5th ed. Kluwer,
ISBN 9781454804031.

4.  Waltz & Kaplan, MAKING THE RECORD (1982) Foundation Press, ISBN 0882770756

By the end of the week of 1/14, you should have mastered the facts of the two exemplary case files (Mitchell and MacIntyre, in EVIDENCE IN CONTEXT).  Our entire work in the course depends on your having done so - the cases form the factual basis for all of the examples and problems we cover!
1/9/14  Read case of State v. Mitchell in EVIDENCE IN CONTEXT
Skim FRE 101-1103 (without commentary)
Read M&K §§4.1 and 4.2
Prepare Problems 1-8
1/14/14  Read case of MacIntyre v. Easterfield in EVIDENCE IN CONTEXT
Read M&K §§ 4,4-4.10
Read FRE 401-403
Prepare Problems 9-14
1/16/14  Read M&K §§ 4.11-4.20 [G §§ 10.01-10.04, 10.06, 10.08-10.09, 11.01-11-13]
Read FRE 404-405
Prepare Problems 18-31
1st Class
Gordon  LAW 748-02   Trusts & Estates
1st Class       Casebook:  J. Dukeminier & R. Sitkoff, eds., Wills, Trusts, and Estates (9th ed. 2013).  Please note, this is a new edition and there are substantial changes from the 8th edition.  Please be sure you buy the 9th edition (2013).

Assignment for Thursday, Jan. 9, 2014:

Read pages 1-28 in Casebook (including Shapira v. Union National Bank (5)).  You need not read Hodel v. Irving (28).

Gordon  LAW 553-01 and 03   Property
1st Class   

Assignment for Wednesday, January 8, 2014(both sections):

We will go over the midterm exam in class and review the material on Estates in Land which we began at the end of the first semester.  I will post a new syllabus for the spring semester on my TWEN page and distribute a paper copy in class.
Kaiser   LAWP 907-21   Judicial Externship
1st Class
Kaufman  LAWS 728-01  Mediation
1st Class   No assignment for first class.
Leavens  QWCS 780-02  Criminal Procedure:  Simulation

1st Class

Texts:  Subin, The Practice of Federal Criminal Law (Thompson/West 2006)
           Garner, The Redbook (2d. ed. 2006)
Assigned readings are by chapters or sections, each of which is fully assigned unless specifically limited.

1/9/14  Case Analysis and the Role of Burdens and Presumptons
Subin:  §§ 1.0-1.2, 2.0-2.6, 3.0-3.2, 4.0-4.5
Fed. R. Cr. P. 3, 4(a), 5(a)(b)(d), 5.1(a)(e)(f), 7(a)(c)(e), 12(a)-(e), 23(a)-(c), 29(a)-(c), 31(a)-(d)

Punctual, fully prepared class attendance is mandatory beginning with the first class.  If due to a compelling personal or professional commitment you are unable to attend or will be late in arriving, please so inform me at as soon as you are aware of that circumstance.  The syllabus will set forth a more detailed attendance policy.

I look forward to meeting and working with you this semester.  We will hit the road running on the 9th, so enjoy your break and come ready to go.  Have a good and safe holiday.

Leavens   LAW 553-03  Evidence
1st Class

Text:  Park & Friedman Evidence (12th ed. 2013)
In preparing each assignment, read the pertinent Federal Rule(s) of Evidence (FRE)(Appendix A), Advisory Committee Notes(s)(Appendix B) and legislative history, if any, (Appendix B).

Jan. 8:  Handout No. 1 (available outside of Room 307 and, I hope via TWEN). Text: 1-3, 12-23 (through first paragraph), 25, 31-32 (through first full paragraph), 41-45 (up to Part E), and 48-57 (through first full paragraph).

Jan. 9:  Introduction to Relevance FRE 401-03, 104 
Text:  79-84  Solomon, Union Paint

Class attendance is mandatory beginning with the first class, during which we will begin laying the foundation for our study of the law of evidence.  If due to a compelling personal or professional obligation you are unable to attend class, please email me at the above address and so inform me.  The class syllabus will set out a more detailed attendance policy.

I have set up a TWEN site for this course and I will regularly use it to communicate assignments and to make available study materials over the course of the semester.  Please sign up to participate.

I look forward to meeting you and to working with you throughout the semester.

 Levi   LAW 501-02    Constitutional Law 
1st Class Please read the United States Constitution and pages 1-16 of the casebook, Sullivan & Feldman, Constitutional Law (Foundation Press, 18th edition).
Levi   LAW 629-02  Gender & the Law
1st Class

Please read:  Bartlett and Rhode, Gender and Law:  Theory, Doctrine, Commentary, 5th ed., pages 193-213 as well as Chapter 4 in Women and the Law Stories, Schneider & Wildman, eds. Foundation Press.

Metzger  LAW 717-02  Corporate Tax
1st Class Pages:  24-33, 417-423, 454-476.
Metzger  LAW 747-03  Income Tax II
1st Class Read pages:  210-217, 517-520, 522-532.
Miller  LAW 509-02  Civil Procedure
1st Class
 Miller  QWC 757-02  Federal Litigation:  Pension Rights
 1st Class    
Noah  QWC 959-03  End of Life Issues
1st Class

 End of Life Law - Introduction to End of Life Law
Ethical Principles
Complex Clinical Decision Making:  JP Case; Case Method for Decision Making (handouts to be distributed in class)

Please read in advance of our first class meeting:  Barbara A. Noah, In Denial:  The Role of Law in Preparing for Death.

We will also cover other materials (to be distributed in class).

 Noah  LAW 688-02  Bioethics

1st Class
O'Brien  LAW 770-03   New York Practice and Procedure
1st Class

Topic   Introduction to the New York State Court System

Text pp.  xiii-xviii, CPLR §§101-107;
Doctrines Governing the Choice of Forum

CPLR §301; TEXT, PP. 3-21, Burnham, p. 4; Hammett, p. 16; Merigone, p. 19; review of Shaffer v. Heitner, 433 U.S. 186 (1977); International Shoe Company v. State of Washington, 326 U.S. 310 (1945)

Please be prepared to brief cases when called upon.  Thank you.

A.  Personal Jurisdiction

1.  Introduction and "Presence" of Natural      Persons
O'Regan  LAW 575-03   Professional Responsibility
1st Class Please read pages 1-30 in the casebook, Morgan & Rotunda's Professional Responsibility, Cases and Materials, 11th ed.
Parrot  LAW 664-02  Elder Law
1st Class   Required Text:  Elder Law:  Cases and Materials, 5th ed. (2011) Lawrence Frolik & Alison McChrystal Barnes
ISBN:  978-1-4224-9038-9

Thursday, January 9, 2014:
Administrative issues
Introductions:  Who is in the class?  Anticipated states of practice, fields?
Who is an "elder" and what is Elder Law?

Reading Assignment:  Test Chapter 1, pp. 1-33.

Reich-Graefe  LAW 551-03   Business Organizations
1st Class The reading assignments and course materials are posted on the TWEN website for this course (under the link "General Course Information").

Please register for TWEN accordingly.

Reich-Graefe  LAW 660-02   Closely Held Business
1st Class

The reading assignments and course materials are posted on the TWen website for this course (under the link "General Course Information").  

Please register for TWEN accordingly.

Roy  LAWS 769-03  Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration

January 14
Overview and Introduction to Dispute Resolution  Riskin (4th ed.).  Pages 12-63.

Royal  QWCS 724-02  Business Succession Planning
1st Class
 Santaniello  LAW 641-03  Federal Tax Practice & Procedure
 1st Class    
Setty  LAW 503-02  Contracts
1st Class    Casebook: Read pages 339-356
(Douglass, Ortelere, Cundick, Kenai);
Supplement:  R2K 14, 15
Shaw & Adler LAW 914-02  Housing Clinic
1st Class
Shay  LAW 796-02  Criminal Procedure:  Adjudication
1st Class
January 13
"Our first class meeting will be on Monday, January 13th, because Prof. Shay will be testifying at the Dept. of Justice in Washington, D.C. on January 8th.

Assignments and the course syllabus will be availableon TWEN as of January 1, 2014, so please sign onto TWEN in the New Year for the assigned reading. 

Have a good break."

Shay  LAW 644-02  Domestic Violence
1st Class
January 13
"Our first class meeting will be on Monday, January 13th, because Prof. Shay will be testifying at the Dept. of Justice in Washington, D.C. on January 8th.

Assignments and the course syllabus will be available on TWEN as of January 1, 2014, so please sign onto TWEN in the New Year for the assigned reading. 

Have a good break.

 Statchen  LAWS 944-03  Small Business Clinic
1st class 


Steiner  LAW 625-02  Land Use Planning
1st Class Read and prepare to discuss pp. 1-17 in Stewart Sterk and Eduardo Penalver, Land Use Regulation.
 Steiner  LAW 513-03  Torts
1st Class   Read and prepare to discuss pp. 308-329 (up to Section B) of Arthur Best and David Barnes, Basic Torts Law.
Stonefield  LAW 799-02  Bar Preparation Course
1st Class
Stonefield  LAW 650-02  Advanced Topics in Evidence
1st Class



Wolf LAW 501-01  Constitutional Law
1st Class Assignment #1 includes a True-False Quiz, which is posted to our TWEN site under "Course Materilas".  Correct answers to quiz are contained in the readings for Assignment #1 and in the learning from your first semester courses.  Discussion of quiz will consume first half of first class.  The second half will address Marbury v. Madison. The assignment for our first class is posted to our TWEN site, which is on the WESTLAW home page (click on "Syllabus" to find the assignment).  Please sign up to the TWEN site at your earliest convenience.  All assignments will be posted to this TWEN site for the spring term.
Wolf  LAW  651-02  Immigration Law
1st Class

Course Book:  Immigration and Citizenship:  Process and Policy

(a)  Course Book:  Read pp. v-xi: Prefaces
(b)  Course Book:  pp. xiii-xvi:  Technical Matters (read very carefully and closely).
(c)  Document Supplement (hereinafter "DS"), pp.  VII-X:  Statutory Conversion Chart.  What does this chart tell you about the key statute in this course, the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952?
(d)  Course Book:  pp. 1-36.


 1st Class
1st Class



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