The presentation on PowerPoint has been gotten around a bit.  It started as a faculty forum workshop presented at Western New England University School of Law.  I then teamed up with my colleague Prof. Nicholas Georgakopoulos to make a slightly different version of the presentation at the 2003 Annual Conference on Law School Computing at Duke University.  Upon seeing my presentation at CALI, Eric Noble of Hastings Law School asked me to present it at the AALS workshop on Technology in the Classroom that he was organizing for the 2004 Annual Meeting in Atlanta.  After giving my presentation at the AALS, the Institute for Law School Teaching at Gonzaga University School of Law asked for permission to post my materials on their website.

Here are links to the actual PowerPoint presentation and my notes.  Because the presentation is merely a sampling of PowerPoint techniques I use in class, it does not make much sense without the notes, so if you are interested in looking at the PowerPoint, I suggest you also download my notes from the talk.

Powerpoint Presentation Slide Show

PowerPoint Presentation Speaking Notes



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