Teacher of the Year

In the spring of 2003 I was named Teacher of the Year.  It was truly an honor, since I know how devoted my colleagues are to excellence in the classroom.  I was introduced by Tammy Barnett, a student I had had in Contracts.  You can link to her remarks by clicking below. 

The award ceremony took me by surprise.  I was actually in class teaching the Small Business Clinic at the time and had to be escorted from class to receive my award.  I always thought that the dean gave an informal "heads up" to the recipient so that the winner could prepare some meaningful remarks.  It turns out that doesn't happen.  I know I said something along the lines of "thank you very much" but I do not know for sure what I said in acceptance.

I've also provided links to the write-up in the student newspaper, Lex Brevis, and the official press release from our Department of Marketing and Communications.

Introductory Remarks by Tamara Barnett

Article in Lex Brevis

Official Press Release