A few years ago CALI re-examined the way in which new lessons were added to the CALI library.  Historically, the library grew as law professors with a penchant for technology sat down and learned the CALI authoring software and submitted a lesson "over the transom" for CALI's consideration.  This approach resulted in some areas of the law having a well developed pool of lessons while others languished.

To address the disparity in coverage, the CALI developed the CALI Fellows program through which they selected seasoned law teachers to develop a more complete curriculum for a given area based on a topic grid developed by CALI.  To be selected a fellow had to have a least ten years of teaching experience, the idea being that these veteran teachers could translate old classroom gems into electronic lessons.

The Business Organizations Fellows were selected in the spring of 2001.  The other members of the Business Organizations Fellowship team included Prof. Steven Bradford (University of Nebraska), Prof. Debra Cohen (then of West Virginia University, now of the University of Massachusetts), Prof. Aleta Estreicher (New York Law School), Prof. John Matheson (University of Minnesota) and Prof. Linda Smiddy (Vermont Law School).  Prof. Matheson was unable to complete his term as a CALI fellow and I finished a lesson that he started.

For more information about the CALI Fellows program, click here.


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