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Samuel Stonefield

Professor of Law


A.B., Dartmouth
J.D., Harvard Law School


Advanced Topics in Evidence
Bar Exam Prep
Land Finance & Transfer


Email: sstonefield@law.wne.edu
Phone: 413-782-1441
Office: L 312


Professor Stonefield was a Commissioner of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination prior to joining the faculty in 1981. He has also served as a managing attorney for the Western Massachusetts Legal Services program, a staff attorney in a prisoners' legal assistance program, and has engaged in the private practice of law. He has served on the Board and Finance Committee of the Massachusetts Housing Finance Agency, a government bank that grants mortgage loans for affordable housing, and has authored the chapters on the national secondary mortgage markets in a leading real estate finance law treatise.


Book Chapters

Sam Stonefield, Recent Trends in Real Estate Financing, ch. 1.03, in 4 REAL ESTATE FINANCING (annual supps. 2001-2003).

Sam Stonefield, Fannie Mae (FNMA) and Freddie Mac (FHLMC), ch. 3A.01-03, in 4B REAL ESTATE FINANCING (1998 & 2000).

Sam Stonefield, The FNMA/FHLMC Uniform Instruments, ch. 3A.10-13, in 4B REAL ESTATE FINANCING (1998 & 2000).

Sam Stonefield, Ginnie Mae (GNMA) and the Ginnie Mae Mortgage-Backed Securities Programs, ch. 2K, in 4A REAL ESTATE FINANCING (1999).

Journal Articles

Sam Stonefield, Rule 801(d)'s Oxymoronic 'Not Hearsay' Classification: The Untold Backstory and a Suggested Amendment, 5 FED. CTS. L. REV. 1(2011). SSRN Digital Commons Cited by

Sam Stonefield, What if Sir Walter Raleigh Was a Wife-Beater and a Drug-Dealer?, MASS. LAW. WKLY., May 16, 2005 at 11.

Sam Stonefield, Electronic Real Estate Documents: Context, Unresolved Cost-Benefit Issues and a Recommended Decisional Process, 24 W. NEW ENG. L. REV. 205 (2002). SSRN Digital Commons Cited by

Sam Stonefield, Affordable Housing in Suburbia: The Importance But Limited Power and Effectiveness of the State Override Tool, 22 W. NEW ENG. L. REV. 323 (2001). SSRN Digital Commons

Sam Stonefield, Lawyer Discrimination Against Clients: Outright Rejection--No Limitations on Issues and Arguments-Yes, 20 W. NEW ENGL. L. REV. 103 (1998). SSRN Digital Commons

Sam Stonefield, Non-Determinative Discrimination, Mixed Motives, and the Inner Boundary of Discrimination Law, 35 BUFF. L. REV. 85 (1986). SSRN Digital Commons Cited by

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