Dedicated to Teaching, Committed to Students

Ask students and graduates what makes Western New England University School of Law unique and one answer is bound to be its faculty. Some would refer to the faculty's impressive credentials and teaching qualifications, while others would point to their distinguished careers. All would mention the faculty's accessibility and commitment to teaching.

The School of Law's 38 full-time faculty members have been educated at many of the nation's most prestigious law schools. All have practiced law prior to joining our faculty, with most having practiced in the fields of law they now teach. Our adjunct faculty is comprised of more than 30 professionals, including practicing attorneys and judges, who bring current legal practice into the classroom.

Faculty Who Care About Students

Visitors immediately sense that our faculty are passionate about teaching. In the classroom, professors engage students in lively debate, challenging them to defend positions, and encouraging them to express thoughts and opinions.

Outside class, it is common to see students and professors meeting in hallways or working together in small groups. Faculty maintain regularly scheduled office hours, availing themselves to students for conversations about anything from classes and career objectives to personal issues. Students can also find faculty members at a number of social events, from the Dean's Teas to informal pizza gatherings to sporting competitions.

The School of Law places a strong emphasis on collaborative learning and student-professor interaction. By fostering an open and comfortable atmosphere, we believe that students obtain a positive legal education while preparing to become highly effective legal practitioners.

School of Law Faculty

Full-Time Faculty

Adomeit, Peter
Professor of Law
Baker, William
Professor of Law
Baldwin, Bridgette
Professor of Law
Bouchard, Philip
Professor of Law Emeritus
Buzuvis, Erin
Director, Center for Gender & Sexuality Studies
Professor of Law
Cafaro, Tina
Clinical Professor of Law
Carasik, Lauren
Clinical Professor of Law
Charity, Matthew
Professor of Law
Cohen, Amy
Professor of Law
Cohen, Beth
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Director, Legal Research and Writing Program
Professor of Law
Cuffee, Jocelyn
Assistant Professor of Legal Research and Writing
Flynn, Taylor
Professor of Law
Freeman, Harris
Professor of Legal Research and Writing
Gaudio, Arthur
Professor of Law and Dean Emeritus
Goldstein, Anne
Professor of Law
Gordon, James
Professor of Law
Gouvin, Eric
Dean and Professor of Law
Harpaz, Leora
Professor of Law Emeritus
Kaiser, Jeanne
Professor of Legal Research and Writing
Kalodner, Howard
Dean and Professor of Law Emeritus
Leavens, Arthur
Professor of Law
Levi, Jennifer
Professor of Law
Lusardi, Robert
Professor of Law Emeritus
Metzger, William
Professor of Law
Miller, Bruce
Professor of Law
Newcombe, Pat
Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources
Assistant Professor of Law
Noah, Barbara
Professor of Law
Orlen, Myra
Director of Academic Success Programs
Associate Professor of Legal Research & Writing
Reich-Graefe, René
Professor of Law
Royal, Frederick
Associate Dean for LL.M. Programs
Professor of Law
Setty, Sudha
Associate Dean for Faculty Development & Intellectual Life
Professor of Law
Statchen, Robert
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
Steiner, Julie
Associate Professor of Law
Stonefield, Samuel
Professor of Law
Wolf, Arthur
Director, Institute for Legislative & Governmental Affairs
Professor of Law

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