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René Reich-Graefe

Professor of Law


LL.M., University of Connecticut School of Law
LL.B. (equivalent), Free University of Berlin School of Law


Business Organizations
Closely-Held Businesses
Corporate Social Responsibility
Int'l Business Transactions
Operation, Mgmt. & Control of Closely-Held Businesses (LL.M.)
Int'l Business Transactions & the Closely-Held Business (LL.M.)


Email: rene.reich-graefe@law.wne.edu
Phone: 413-782-1451
Office: L 201


Professor Reich-Graefe first came to the United States on a Fulbright Scholarship when he earned his master’s degree at the University of Connecticut School of Law in 1997. He has served as a law clerk at the Berlin Court of Appeals in Germany, his native country, and has been in private practice as a corporate and financial lawyer at the former international law firm of Coudert Brothers LLP for seven years, both in Berlin, Germany (1997-2000) and in New York City (2000-2004). Prior to joining our faculty, Professor Reich-Graefe was a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law from 2004 to 2006 where he taught Business Organizations, International Corporate Responsibility, and an introductory course in US law for international master students. He is admitted to practice in New York and Germany.


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Journal Articles

Calculative Trust: Oxymoron or Tautology?, 4 Journal of Trust Research 66-82 (2014) (peer-reviewed). Download

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Deconstructing Corporate Governance: The Mechanics of Trusting, 38 Delaware Journal of Corporate Law 103-90 (2013). SSRN Digital Commons

Foreword: Fiduciary Duties in the Closely Held Firm 35 Years After Wilkes v. Springside Nursing Home, 33 Western New England Law Review 247-68 (2011) (symposium). SSRN Digital Commons

Deconstructing Corporate Governance: Director Primacy Without Principle?, 16 Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law 465-527 (2011). SSRN Digital Commons

Deconstructing Corporate Governance: Absolute Director Primacy, 5 Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law 341-404 (2011). SSRN Digital Commons

Changing Paradigms: The Liability of Corporate Groups in Germany, 37 Connecticut Law Review 785-817 (2005) (symposium). SSRN Digital Commons

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Main University: 413-782-3111
Admissions: 413-782-1406 or 800-782-6651