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Matthew H. Charity

Professor of Law


A.B., Princeton University
J.D., Columbia Law School


Federal Criminal Law
Human Rights
International Criminal Law
International Law


Email: mcharity@law.wne.edu
Phone: 413-782-1439
Office: L 305


Prior to joining the faculty, Professor Charity spent seven years at the New York law firms of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver and Jacobson and Baker Hostetler LLP, where he worked in commercial litigation, antitrust, and business crimes and corporate investigations. His pro bono work included refugee asylum and prisoners' rights litigation. While at Columbia Law School, Professor Charity was a member of the Human Rights Law Review, and worked with Human Rights Watch in Ethiopia, and at the Office of the Secretariat of the United Nations. In addition to commercial law areas, Professor Charity has teaching experience in Federal Criminal Law and Professional Responsibility and research interests in human rights and humanitarian law.


Journal Articles

Sudha Setty and Matthew H. Charity, Symposium: Introduction: Constitutional Conflict and Development: Perspectives from South Asia and Africa, 28 TEMPLE INT'L & COMP. L.J. 179 (2015) (invited introduction for symposium issue). SSRN Digital Commons

Matthew H. Charity, Symposium: Unmistakably Clear: Human Rights, The Right To Representation, And Remedial Voting Rights Of People Of Color, 17 BERKELEY J. AFR.-AM. L. & POL'Y 200, & 7 J. OF RACE, GENDER, AND ETHNICITY 200 (2015) (invited symposium submission). SSRN Digital Commons

Matthew H. Charity, Symposium: Building the Arc of Justice: The Life and Legal Thought of Derrick Bell: Foreword, 36 W. NEW ENG. L. REV. 101 (2014) (invited foreword for symposium issue). SSRN Digital Commons

Matthew H. Charity, Defying Gravity: The Development of Standards in the International Prosecution of International Atrocity Crimes, 23 IND. INT'L & COMP. L. REV. 429 (2013). SSRN Digital Commons

Matthew H. Charity, The Criminalized State: The International Criminal Court, The Responsibility to Protect, and Darfur, Republic of Sudan, 37 OHIO N.U. L. REV. 67 (2011). SSRN Digital Commons Cited by

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