Conferences and Seminars

Each term, the Institute sponsors numerous conferences and seminars on a wide range of topics and their legal implications. Some, like the Supreme Court Review Conference, are held annually, while others focus on current events and public concerns. Some examples of the programs are listed below.

Annual Supreme Court Review Conference: The School of Law hosts the annual United States Supreme Court Review Conference, which features a panel of School of Law professors who examine the important decisions of the Court during its prior term. Each October since 2000, the panel has discussed a variety of topics including "The First Amendment Kicks Butt, " "The Rights of Criminal Defendants," "The Court and Civil Rights: Strange Classmates, Stranger Bedfellows," and "The Terrorism Cases: Two Cheers for the Rule of Law."

Panels on the 2000 Presidential Election: In its inaugural year, the Institute hosted two seminars that addressed the question: "Presidential Election 2000: Where Are We Now?" and explored the range of views regarding the decisions in the Supreme Court's cases involving the 2000 presidential election.

Seminar on the International War Crimes Tribunals: Noted scholar Michael Scharf was the keynote speaker in the fall of 2000 for a seminar on the International War Crimes Tribunal sitting in The Hague, The Netherlands, and Arusha, Tanzania, and addressed the violations of international criminal law occurring during the Balkan and Rwandan armed conflicts.

Symposium on Environmental Policies of the Bush Administration: Faculty members and environmental experts presented "The Bush Administration and the Environment: A One-Year Retrospective and Predictions for the Next Three Years," which examined the impact President Bush's policies have had on the environment.

Welfare Recipients in the Workplace: In conjunction with the Pioneer Valley Labor Council, the University of Massachusetts Labor Relations and Research Center, and Western Massachusetts Legal Services, the Institute hosted a program entitled "Working Together to Advance Workplace Rights for Low-Income Workers, Immigrants and Welfare-to-Work Recipients."

Seminars on Women in Politics: The Women in Politics series, sponsored by the Women's Bar Association and the Institute, is an annual interactive community presentation for people interested in learning more about women who serve their communities through various levels of elective office.

Conference on Electronic Recording of Real Estate Instruments: Through the efforts of Professor of Law Sam Stonefield and Dean Arthur Gaudio, the Institute cosponsored with CATIC, First American Title Insurance Company, and Bulkley, Richardson & Gelinas "Choosing the Digital Future: The Use and Recording of Electronic Real Estate Instruments in New England and New York" in the fall of 2001.

Seminar on the Legality of Military Intervention in Iraq: In the spring of 2003, the Institute and the International Law Society sponsored a seminar on the Legality of U.S. military intervention in Iraq. The panelists addressed the impact of the United Nations Charter, Specialty Council resolutions, and the law of humanitarian intervention.

Conference on Legal Responses to Terrorism: Attorney Victor Bernson, associate deputy general counsel of the United States Department of Defense, addressed the issue of terrorism from the perspective of the Pentagon, while Professor Linda Kelly, of the Indiana University Law School at Indianapolis, focused on the impact of terrorism on immigration policies.

Collaborative Law Seminar: The Institute, in partnership with the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council, presented a two-day collaborative law practice training session in the spring of 2004. The session was the first such training program held in western Massachusetts.

Tax Reform Speak Out: In the midst of a myriad of changing tax laws, the Institute sponsored in March 2005 a seminar featuring a panel of experts that addressed issues relating to the federal tax system. U.S. Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) delivered the keynote address and Paul Mancinone '92 sat on the panel of tax experts.

For detailed information on past conferences and seminars, please visit our archives.

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