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Firm Foundations: Managing the Small Firm and Individual Practitioner

March 26, 2014 

5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. at Blake Law Center, Western New England University School of Law

This year's Symposium will consist of a cocktail reception followed by a Keynote Address and Panel Presentation. 

Keynote Speaker: Jared D. Correia, Esq. 


Jared D. Correia, Esq. is the Assistant Director and Senior Law Practice Advisor at LOMAP (Law Office Management and Assistance Program). Before joining LOMAP, Jared managed CLE publications and the Casemaker research engine for the Massachusetts Bar Association. He has also been a practicing lawyer in small firms where he mostly focused on personal injury, real estate, and disability law. Jared is a frequent speaker for local, regional, and national lawyers’ groups. He is a regular contributor to local and national legal publications, including Attorney at Work, which includes his monthly column, “Managing”. Jared is the author of the American Bar Association publication “Twitter in One Hour for Lawyers”. He is featured on a quarterly podcast at Solo Practice University. Jared presented at ABA TECHSHOW 2013 on remote access and social media marketing.


  • Tara Knight, Knight & Cerritelli (criminal defense attorney)

  • Laura Bradrick, Goldman, Gruder, & Woods (business law and real estate)

  • Kyle Guelcher, solo practitioner (variety of civil law)

  • Christopher Todd, solo practitioner (court appointed work) 

  • Ronda Parish, solo practitioner (elder law and estate planning)

  • Andrea O'Connor, Hendel and Collins (solo practice finance)

  • Dan McKellick, Production Editor, Western New England Law Review, L' 14 (ethical rules)

Questions? Please email Colleen Monroe at colleen.a.monroe@gmail.com