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Volume 35 of the Western New England Law Review marked a significant transition as we will now be completely digital and will no longer publish a print journal.  The increasing reliance on digital mediums for nearly all aspects of information, research, news, and entertainment has led the Western New England Law Review to become a pioneer in publishing an entirely digital journal.  Indeed, the landscape of journalism has undoubtedly evolved in recent years with the introduction and popularity of e-readers and tablets.  This change also serves to enhance our commitment to sustainability and reducing paper waste.

            We are committed not only to adapting to and further developing the technology advancements in the realm of law journals, but also to remaining focused on providing you with intellectual, well-written, and practical articles in the field of law.

           The Western New England Law Review will be available  on the following subscription-based websites:  Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Hein Online Law Journal Library.  It will also be available on a non-subscription basis on Digital Commons (http://digitalcommons.law.wne.edu/lawreview/) and the Western New England Law Review’s website (http://www.law.wne.edu/lawreview). There will no longer be a subscription fee for the Western New England Law Review.  

            The Western New England Law Review is very excited about this change and hopes you will remain a loyal reader.