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General Volume 36 Articles

Daniel Bahls, Esq., Community Legal Aid, Springfield, MANot Yet Titled

James Gordon, Professor of Law, Western New England UniversityWas First Justice Harlan Anti-Chinese?

Ashton Philips, Esq., Department of Labor: Bank-Created Money and Federal Deficit Spending: A Proposal for a New Paradigm in the Government-Spending Debate

Phyllis Smith, Professor of Law, Florida A&M University, College of LawTaxes: Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution to Diminishing Debt?


Student Notes

Chris Erchull: CONSTITUTIONAL LAW— The Dormant Commerce Clause: A Constitutional Barrier to Sustainable Agriculture and the Local Food Movement

Kelly Heuser: CRIMINAL PROCEDURE— Skirting the Warrant Clause: State v. Harris and the Special-Needs Exception

Kady Huff: SPENDING CLAUSE—Grave Deceptions: Remedying Rampant Cemetery Misfeasance through Congress' Spending Power in the Aftermath of Affordable Care Act Litigation

Joe Plukas: ENERGY LAW—Not Balancing Well Interests Well: How The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Mismanaged Oil and Gas Lease Policy in T.W. Phillips Gas & Oil Co. v. Jedlicka

Julie-Anne Stebbins: FAMILY LAW--The Rehabilitation Illusion: How Alimony Reform in Massachusetts Fails to Compensate for Caregiving

Derrick Bell Symposium

Matthew Charity, Professor of Law, Western New England UniversityForward-- To Be Titled 

Sudha Setty, Professor of Law, Western New England University: Targeted Killings and the Interest Convergence Dilemma

Francisco Valdes, Professor of Law, University of Miami School of Law: Critical Race Action: Queer Lessons and Seven Legacies from the One and Only Professor Bell

Geiza Vargas-Vargas, Professor of Law, Charleston School of Law: Latinas, Disrupting Racial Normativity in Derrick Bell’s The Space Traders