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Westlaw Requiring Password Change

We have been notified that all Westlaw academic passwords need to be re-set. There is no exact date scheduled by which the change must be made but why don’t you do it now so that you don’t find yourself shut out of the system when you most need it? To change your password now,  follow these instructions:

  • log in to Westlaw
  • click UPDATE next to your name in the Welcome box
  • click on manage my ONE PASS Profile
  • enter a new password
  • confirm password
  • click SAVE

Please contact a Law Librarian at 413-782-1458 if you need any help doing this. And Happy New Year!

December Snowflake Raffle

And the winner is... David Guadeloupe. Congratulations!


Receive a snowflake each time you check out material during the month of December for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to Aramark Food Services. The winner will be drawn On January 5, 2015. Stop by the Circulation Desk for full details.

Additional Quiet Zone Added 

Due to student requests, we are adding an additional quiet zone to the Library. Starting November 6, cell phone usage and face-to-face conversations will not be permitted in the carrel section of the third floor of the Library. If you have any suggestions for improved Library service, please let us know or use the online Suggestion Box.

New Displays on Second Floor

In the display case in the quiet part of the Library, we’ve taken a look at a decision accepted recently by the Supreme Court for review:  EEOC v. Abercrombie & Fitch, Inc., 731 F.3d 1106 (10th Cir. 2013). This case involves an applicant for a position at an Abercrombie & Fitch store in Tulsa, Oklahoma who did not get a sales position because she wore a headscarf. An interesting question is presented about how the potential employer receives notice about a need to accommodate. In the display case outside the quiet area, you’ll find a visual overview of quarantine laws through the ages, with an explanation of laws that are currently in force in the US. This is an especially pertinent display given that quarantine laws are a legal means to combat the spread of Ebola. 

Book Stands


The Library recently acquired two book stands that can be checked out for a four-hour block of time. Our new Librarian, Liza Rosenof, swears by them and claims that they make for very ergonomically-correct reading and note taking.  Other law students reviewing the book stand on Amazon point out that using a book stand helps correct terrible posture, and one student claimed that using the book stand improved the student’s grades by 20%. We think we have to take that last endorsement with a grain of salt. In all events, come check one out at the Circulation Desk and let us know what effect this product has on your life!

Stress Relief Course Reserve

Feeling stressed? Stop by Circulation and check out some of our new books and CDs geared to help alleviate your stress:

Stress Management for Lawyers
Yoga for Lawyers: mind-body techniques to feel better all the time
Meditation for Busy People
Buddha in Blue Jeans: an extremely short simple Zen guide to sitting quietly and being Buddha

New Database - Intelliconnect

The Library is pleased to announce that we have acquired access to many traditional CCH and Wolter Kluwer publications by means of an electronic platform called Intelliconnect. This resource provides access to CCH analysis in a wide variety of practice areas, including labor and employment, securities, environmental compliance, intellectual property, taxation, and human resources, among others. Researchers may select individual sources to search, or can search across all the databases.  As with most of the Library’s other databases, user name, barcode number, and PIN are required for off-campus access. You can find Intelliconnect in our database list or click here.

Microsoft Office Purchase

Our OIT Office has provided us with a link for students looking to purchase Microsoft Office at an educational discount.

New Database - IntelliConnect

The Library is pleased to announce that we have access to a new database, IntelliConnect. This resource provides online access to CCH analysis in a wide variety of practice areas, including labor and employment, securities, environmental compliance, taxation, intellectual property, human resources, and many others. Researchers may select individual sources to search, or can search across all the databases. Users may also create customized legal news alerts in their fields of interest using Tracker. User name, barcode number, and PIN required for off-campus access.

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