Additional Water Bottle Filling Station


Thirsty? Stop by our newest water bottle filling station located on the second floor of the Library.

March Raffle Contest


Check out any material during March and be entered for a chance to win a $10 Aramark gift card. The winner will be drawn on March 31 at 4:00pm. Please stop by the Circulation Desk with any questions.

New Intelliconnect Library - Financial and Estate Planning

The Law Library is pleased to announce that our Elder Law and Estate Planning holdings have been enriched with the addition of four new modules available through our Intelliconnect database. Once in IntelliConnect, scroll down and click into "Financial and Estate Planning." There you will find modules for "Estate Planning and Drafting," "Charitable Planning," "Trust and Estate Administration," and "Elder Law Planning."  When you click into these modules, you will find some of the best known names and resources in this area of law. For example, under "Estate Planning and Drafting," you will find Price on Contemporary Estate Planning, and Estate Planning by Casner and Pennell. Under "Trust and Estate Administration," you will find Loring and Rounds: A Trustee's Handbook, and under "Elder Law Planning" you will find the Elder Law Portfolio Series and the Elder Law Forms Manual, just to name a few of the resources now available to our patrons online. If you have any questions about accessing these resources, please give us a call at the Reference Desk, 413-782-1458, for assistance.

New HeinOnline Database - ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals

The Law Library now has digital access to the American Bar Association Law Library Collection Periodicals. With this addition, we now have online access to ABA journals in many areas of law of interest to our faculty and students, such as Dispute ResolutionFamily Law Quarterly, Human Rights, Labor and Employment Law News, and Probate and Property, to name just a few. As is always the case with a HeinOnline product, these periodicals are in pdf and are available from the publication's first issue!

New Displays on the Second Floor

We opened Spring semester with two displays of historical significance. In the display case in the Second Floor Library Lounge, Magna Carta is being celebrated since 2015 is its 800th birthday. Did you know that the first Magna Carta was in effect for little more than two months? Stop by the display for more interesting background on this document sometimes credited with being a foundational document for our own constitution. Then, in the quiet section, you'll find a display highlighting key moments in our nation's history for establishing minimum wage laws. The display takes you on a ride from the passage of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, which first introduced the federal minimum wage (along with the 40-hour workweek), to legislation regarding state minimum wage laws which have been passed within the last year. 

Westlaw Requiring Password Change

We have been notified that all Westlaw academic passwords need to be re-set. There is no exact date scheduled by which the change must be made but why don’t you do it now so that you don’t find yourself shut out of the system when you most need it? To change your password now,  follow these instructions:

  • log in to Westlaw
  • click UPDATE next to your name in the Welcome box
  • click on manage my ONE PASS Profile
  • enter a new password
  • confirm password
  • click SAVE

Please contact a Law Librarian at 413-782-1458 if you need any help doing this. And Happy New Year!

Additional Quiet Zone Added 

Due to student requests, we are adding an additional quiet zone to the Library. Starting November 6, cell phone usage and face-to-face conversations will not be permitted in the carrel section of the third floor of the Library. If you have any suggestions for improved Library service, please let us know or use the online Suggestion Box.

Book Stands


The Library recently acquired two book stands that can be checked out for a four-hour block of time. Our new Librarian, Liza Rosenof, swears by them and claims that they make for very ergonomically-correct reading and note taking.  Other law students reviewing the book stand on Amazon point out that using a book stand helps correct terrible posture, and one student claimed that using the book stand improved the student’s grades by 20%. We think we have to take that last endorsement with a grain of salt. In all events, come check one out at the Circulation Desk and let us know what effect this product has on your life!

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