Lecture: "A Review of Contemporary Persian Literature with Emphasis on Poetry"
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Start Date & Time: 2/7/13  4:00 PM
Contact(s): Daniel Eckert
Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy,
room 200
Event Description:
Reza Baraheni, exiled Iranian novelist,
poet, critic, and political activist
Brahani is a former president of PEN
Canada, an association of writers and
supporters formed in 1926 to defend
freedom of expression and raise
awareness of that right. Dr. Brahani,
the often called "Iran's finest living
writer,"  lives in Toronto, Canada,
where he used to teach at the Centre for
Comparative Literature at the University
of Toronto. He is the author of 54 books
of poetry, fiction, literary theory and
criticism, written in Persian and
English, including ?The Crowned
Cannibals?, a collection of prose and
poetry, and ?Les Saisons en Enfer du
Jeune Ayyaz?, a novel. His ?God's
Shadow: Prison Poems? is a collection of
poems based on a period of 102 days
spent in solitary confinement in Iran,
during the time of the Shah. He was also
imprisoned in the fall of 1981 and the
winter of 1982 by the Islamic Republic
of Iran. He is one of two scholars to
join the new Scholars-at-Risk Program at
University of Toronto's Massey College
and was a professor at the university's
Centre for Comparative Literature. Dr.
Brahani's works have been translated in
a dozen of languages.  Moreover, he has
translated into Persian works by
Shakespeare, Kundera, Mandelstam,
Andric, and Fanon.

Winner of the Scholars-at-Risk-Program
Award of the University of Toronto and
Massey College, Baraheni has taught in
the University of Tehran in Iran,
University of Texas in Austin, Indiana
University in Bloomington, the
University of Maryland at Baltimore
County, the University of Toronto, and
York University. He has also been Fellow
of St. Antony?s College, Oxford
University, Britain, Fellow of the
University of Iowa, Iowa City, and
Fellow of Winters College, York University.

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of Arts and Sciences and D?Amour Library.
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