Lecture: "Voluntourism Experiences in Guatemala: Opportunities for Doing Good and Traveling the World"
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Start Date & Time: 2/14/13  4:00 PM
Contact(s): Daniel Eckert
D'Amour Library, room 319
Event Description:
After years of traveling for personal
pleasure, Jason Seacat, Associate
Professor of Psychology at Western New
England University, and Adam Daniels,
Orthodontist and Owner of Connecticut
Valley Orthodontics, desired more from
their travels and began engaging in a
form of dental voluntourism through the
organization ?Dentistry for All? in the
impoverished country of Guatemala. Now
in their fifth year of traveling to
Guatemala, they have begun their own
charitable organization to fund and
build environmentally efficient cooking
stoves that also help to save children?s
lives. The talk will cover many aspects
and pictures of their experiences in
Guatemala as well as provide a venue for
discussing the growing phenomenon of
voluntourism and how others can become

This program is sponsored by the
Department of Psychology and D?Amour
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