Lecture: "Tip of the Iceberg: Slippery Slope from Sanctioned Art to Defacing Graffiti and Organized Youth Gangs in Reykjavik, Iceland"
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Start Date & Time: 2/21/13  4:00 PM
Contact(s): Daniel Eckert
D'Amour Library, room 319 
Event Description:
Looking to a depressed economy as one
mechanism for the rise of gang formation
and criminal activity, graffiti is
argued to be a visible marker of
neighborhood disorganization in the face
of economic downturn.  In this
presentation, Laura Hansen,
Assistant Professor of Sociology at
Western New England University, will
discuss the social impact of economic
uncertainty in Reykjavik as reflected in
the rise of unsanctioned graffiti art on
public and private buildings.  

This program is sponsored by the
Department of Criminal Justice and
Sociology and D?Amour Library and is
part of the Department of Criminal
Justice and Sociology?s Richard Luxton
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