Selected Study Aids on Reserve

A study aid is one of several classifications that make up the broader category of legal treatises and are designed especially for law students. Study aids come in a range of sizes, formats, legal topics, and expository coverage. They share the same fundamental characteristics as other classifications of treatises. A treatise contains a table of contents, table of cases, analysis and discussion of the topical subject matter, cross references to case law, legislation, and other primary and secondary sources depending upon the treatise's topic. Most treatises are supplemented through a variety of methods, including annual pocket parts, pamphlets, and loose-leaf releases. The Study Aids Rolodex, located at Reserve, lists selected titles in our collection. We have conveniently made this list available to online users with easy access to the full bibliographic record. Last updated 8/27/14.


A  - C                                                     D  - J                                                L  - W  

Accounting for Lawyers                            Disability Law                
Administrative Law                                    Education Law 
Admiralty                                                     Employment Discrimination
Agency and Partnership                           Entertainment Law
Alternative Dispute Resolution               Environmental Law
Antitrust                                                      Estate and Gift Taxation
Appellate Advocacy                                   Evidence
Banking                                                       Family and Divorce Law
Bankruptcy                                                 Federal Courts & Jurisdiction
Bar Exam Preparation                               Federal Income Taxation
Business Organizations                            First Amendment Law
Civil Procedure                                          Health Care Law and Ethics
Civil Rights                                                 Immigration Law
Commercial Paper                                     Insurance Law
Communications                                       Intellectual Property
Conflict of Laws                                        International Business Transactions
Constitutional Law                                   International Law & Human Rights
Consumer Protection                               International Taxation
Contracts                                                  Internet Law
Corporate Taxation                                 Judicial Process
Criminal Law                                            Jurisprudence
Criminal Procedure                                 Juvenile Justice