Vol. 7, No. 4, January 2005

Education Law

[Updated 7/09/12]


Brigham Young University (BYU) Education and Law Journal

The BYU Education and Law Journal site maintains archives of the journal to its inception in 1992. While some of the earlier articles are missing from the archives PDF or HTML versions of most of the Journal's content is available. The Journal's mission is to address "educational and legal issues affecting elementary, secondary, and higher education."

Wex: Education

This page provides an overview of laws concerning education, including education as a function of the government, equality of education, parent's rights and involvement, educational standards, and home-schooling. It includes links to federal statutes (20 USC) and regulations (34 CFR); collections of state statutes, and links to state departments of education; and links to various offices within the federal Department of Education.

United States Department of Education

The mission of the federal Department of Education is to ensure equal access to, and excellence in, education. Resources are geared towards students, teachers, parents, and administrators for academic success, special needs, and higher education preparation and financing; research on educational initiatives and policies; and policy materials, including annual reports and results. A special page focuses on the No Child Left Behind program.

Massachusetts Law About Education

These resources come from the Massachusetts Trial Courts Libraries and other Massachusetts sources, and concern various elements of education, including access to student records, information about the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests, and education reform. A second page offers further information about special education in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

The Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education home page provides information about state assessments, financing, and teacher licensure. The Laws and Regulations section provides relevant sections of the Code of Massachusetts Regulations (630 CMR) and the General Laws of Massachusetts, as well as proposed changes to each, advisory opinions, and information about arbitration. It also provides links to federal laws related to state educational systems.


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