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A Virtual Reference Source of Internet Legal Resources

*The Law Links are sources available on the Internet. Some sources may require a subscription to access the full content of the source. The Law Library does not not provide access to subscription content through the Law Links. Subscription content may be available through the Law Library's databases.

Massachusetts Materials
state-based resources

Federal Information Gateways
one-stop shopping for federal information

Federal Courts
links to court sites and opinions online

Federal Government
links to federal agency sites

International Law
starting place for international research

State Access
links to state pages, legislatures & court systems

Law by Subject
links to online legal information

Major Legal Research Sites
where to start looking

Legal News
legal news stories and papers

Legal Journals, Law Reviews, and Legal Texts 
online legal articles

Search Engines
options for searching the internet

quick sources of information

Federal Information Gateways - Access to federal government information

GovTrack - Information on federal legislation, voting records, and campaign contributions.

FDSYS Federal Digital System - Official access point to information published by the federal government

Library of Congress - Information about and research from the Library of Congress - access to regulations currently open for public comment

Statistical Abstracts of the United States - Archives - Wide variety of national statistical information

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet - Congressional information from 1990 - present

University of Michigan Documents Center - Search engine and topical links to government information - Access to federal government websites

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