Vol. 9, No. 5, February 2007

Telecommunications Law

[Updated 7/09/12]


National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)
NTIA is an executive agency devoted to advising the President on matters of telecommunications and information policy. In addition to this advisory role, it is involved with research and development, administering federal grants in telecommunications, and resolving technical telecommunications issues. Offices of the NTIA include the Office of Spectrum Management, the Office of Policy Analysis and Development, and the Institute for Telecommunications Sciences. A branch of the Department of Commerce, this site is a good source of information on federal policy. Reports and comments of the agency are available in full text, often in PDF.

Michigan Telecommunications & Technology Law Review (MTTLR)

MTTLR was founded in 1994 and provides information on legal, social, business and public policy issues raised in the telecommunications field. It publishes a law journal that is available both online and in printed volumes (also accessible through LexisNexis and Westlaw). This law review examines the tensions created by advances in computing, telecommunications, biotechnology, multimedia, networking, information and other technologies. Links to government resources and other telecommunications and technology law sites are available.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

The FCC is responsible for making rules that govern every facet of the telecommunications field, including radio, television, cable, telephones, and satellite industries. The agency is divided into several bureaus (consumer and governmental affairs bureau, enforcement bureau, media bureau, wireless telecommunications bureau, etc.), each with its own home page from which to access bureau specific information, as well as links to other FCC information and outside sources. The EDOCS search feature accesses the Daily Digest, including documents back to 1996; FCC actions; news releases; public notices; and notices of proposed rules, all fully searchable. On the Consumer Information page, users can find consumer information regarding the Do Not Call registry, Voice Over IP 911, and digital television.


Developed by a lawyer specializing in Internet issues for the FCC, this site contains the latest news events, and legislative and regulatory updates for all fields of telecommunications. It also provides an overview of the FCC, and information on how to file a complaint. A table of contents provides a structured approach to the material contained, while topical pages provide analysis, links to primary law, and links to other useful websites. Under "First Amendment," one can find sections of the U.S. Code that govern free speech, and browsers can locate the rules in the Code of Federal Regulations which relate to the transmission of information over telephone, cable, wire and satellite channels. "Crime" links to the Department of Justice Computer Crime Section, FBI news. and information.

Womble Carlyle - Telecommunications, Cable & Broadcast

This web site was created by the law firm of Womble Carlyle which specializes in the areas of telecommunications, communications, Internet and online services law. It provides an excellent set of resources to telecommunications law and industry resources. Of particular interest is a link to "Telecommunications Memos" prepared by the firm on a variety of telecommunications topics. "News and Events" includes interviews, press releases, and notices of developments in the telecommunications industry. Videos of remarks made by regulatory officials at the firm's Carolina Communications Forum are also available.