Vol. 9, No. 2, October 2006

Voter Education

[Updated 7/19/12]


League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters provides information regarding candidates and issues on ballots throughout the country, and advocates for fair election processes. The League often produces voter guide pamphlets to candidates, which can assist voters in making decisions. Local Leagues, including the League of Women Voters of Massachusetts , provide access to local information, including polling locations, registration instructions, and procedures for obtaining absentee ballots.

Massachusetts Elections Division

The division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office devoted to overseeing elections in the state provides official information regarding ballot issues and candidates for Massachusetts elections. The procedures used in Massachusetts elections are also detailed. Information is available for the 2006 and 2004 elections cycles. Historical registration and ballot measures data is also available.  

Democratic National Committee (DNC)

The official web site for the Democratic Party provides news stories, press releases, newsletters, and special bulletins, as well as a blog for discussion of current topics. The "Get Local" links provide access to state Democratic Party web sites, Democratic elected officials, campaigns, and previous election results. The "Action" links allow users to access team-building, voter registration, and fund-raising activities. "Resources" provides information about the DNC leadership, history, and resources.

Republican National Committee (RNC)

The official site for the Republican Party includes the "News Room" which covers the latest news and press releases, fact sheets, and editorials. Information about the Party agenda and research include reports and position papers on social security, education, taxes, the environment, and defense and national security; and the "GOP Leadership" allows the user to search for federal and state elected officials and state party officials.