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Reserve Materials

Generally, Reserve materials circulate for three-hour periods. Patrons can check out two Reserve items at at time, but only one CD, DVD, or other media type at a time. Hornbooks, nutshells, cassettes, and certain other study aids can be checked out for overnight use no earlier than two hours before closing time and are due back within one hour of opening the next morning.

As a special service to our part-time evening law students, study aid materials can be checked out evenings between 7:00 p.m. and midnight. They are due back by 7:00 p.m. on the following evening. This special check-out privilege ends at the start of the pre-exam period. Similar arrangements for part-time day students will be made on a case-by-case basis. Requests should be directed to the Head of Access Services at extension 1484.

Professor Course Reserves

Each semester, law faculty place materials related to their course(s) on professor course reserve. Materials on professor course reserves generally circulate for three-hour periods; however, law faculty may choose from a variety of circulating periods to accommodate student needs. You can view what is listed for your course by accessing our catalog, WILDPAC, and going to the Course Reserves function. Select either "instructor's name" or "course name."

Electronic Course Reserves

Electronic course reserves, also called E-Reserves, are web-accessible files designated for use by law students for their curricular needs. Authorized users, which include currently-enrolled law students and law faculty, administrators, and staff, can view the web-accessible files via the Library's catalog, WILDPAC, and select the Course Reserves function. Choose either "instructor's name" or "course name." You will need to enter your name, Law Library patron barcode (located on the back of your college ID), and a PIN (personal identification number). PINs are encoded in your Law Library patron record.

What if you don't have a PIN number?

If it is your first time accessing Electronic Course Reserves or databases via the catalog, you will need to create a PIN for authentication purposes.

A PIN must include a minimum of six alpha-numeric characters.

  1. After entering your name and Law Library patron barcode on the patron identification screen, leave the PIN field blank and click the Submit button.
  2. You will be asked to reenter your name and Law Library patron barcode, and to create a PIN and enter it twice.
  3. You may also create your PIN by accessing My WILDPAC on WILDPAC's main menu screen and completing the instructions in step 2 above.
  4. If at any time you forget your PIN, simply consult a Librarian or Circulation staff member and ask to have your old PIN deleted so you can enter a new one, or use the Forgot your PIN? link.
  5. PINS are encoded in your Law Library patron record so that no one but you will know what it is.

Past Law School Exams

One of the most popular materials found on E-Reserves is past law school exams. Only those questions and answers released by law faculty will be accessible online. Consult a Librarian or Circulation staff member if you have any questions. Remember, only authorized users can access past exams online. Print copies of past law school exams are also kept on Reserve.

To access past law school exams:

1. Open the Law Library's catalog, WILDPAC. 2. Go to the Course Reserves tab. 3. Type professor's last name or select Course Name tab and type name of course. 4. Select a document and click the appropriate link. 5. At the patron identification screen, enter your user name, Law Library patron barcode (located on the back of your College ID), and your PIN. 6. It takes a few seconds to load a PDF file. As you may already know, you can change the document's size by using the PDF toolbar's pull down percentage size. Navigational page tools are at the bottom of PDF files. Be sure to print from the printer icon within the PDF file, not from the print command in the toolbar.

Computer Equipment

Laptops can circulate for a 4-hour period and are renewable if there are no other requests for the laptop. Laptops are subject to an overdue fine of $5.00. Extension cords, data cables, and headphones circulate for a 12-hour period.

Long-Term Circulating Material

Long-term circulating material can be checked out for a 21-day period. This material includes any treatise not stamped "Does Not Circulate" and that does not have the designation of "Does Not Circulate" shown in WILDPAC, and material in the Leisure Reading Collection.


Most circulating material can be renewed if no other patron is waiting for them. Patrons can renew eligible material by logging into MyWildpac via the Law Library's catalog or by calling Circulation at 413-782-1457. No renewals can be made by telephone during the exam period.


Any item can be recalled by the Library before its due date in order to make the material available to a greater number of patrons. Patrons must return the items within one day of the recall or be subject to the overdue fine policy.

Overdue Fines

  • Each Reserve non-computer equipment item returned late will incur a $.50 per hour fine.
  • Any long-term circulating material (21 day) that is returned late will incur a $.25 per day fine.
  • Special three-day checkouts returned late will incur a $.25 per day fine.
  • Laptops will incur a $5.00 fine.
  • A leisure DVD or video that is returned late will incur a $1.00 per day fine.

Replacement Costs

If an item is returned after a bill has been processed, the patron will be responsible for the overdue fine. If a student fails to pay a fine or reimburse the Library for a lost or destroyed item, or for an item that is not returned, the charges will be forwarded to Student Administrative Services ("SAS") for collection. Other patrons with outstanding fines may lose borrowing privileges.


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