Vol. 5, No. 7, April 2003

Sports Law

[Updated 7/09/12]


Wex: Sports Law

The Legal Information Institute (LII) at Cornell Law School has compiled a nice collection of sport law sources, including selected federal statutes, federal regulations, federal judicial decisions, state statutes, and state judicial decisions. As usual, LII includes a section on "Key Internet Sources." One of the things that LII does best is to include a good topical overview of a variety of legal subjects. The sports law overview provides a discussion of the division of amateur, professional, and international sports. The overview also links to related areas of LII, such as contracts, antitrust, and torts.


Megalaw.com provides a sports law web page that includes links to recent U.S. Supreme Court and U.S. Courts of Appeals sports law decisions and relevant federal sports law statutes and regulations. There is also a good collection of links to other sports law websites.

FindLaw: Entertainment and Sports Law: Sports Law: Primary Materials

FindLaw offers an array of relevant primary sources in the area of sports law, such as federal and state cases, and federal and state statutes. There are also links to sports organizations' official rules

Sports Lawyers Association

The Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) is a non-profit, international, professional organization whose members are practicing attorneys, legal educators, law students, and other professionals with an interest in the law relating to sports. SLA publishes The Sports Lawyers Journal, which is indexed and abstracted from 1995-2002 on this site.

FindLaw: Sports Law News

Trying to stay up to date on current sports news? FindLaw maintains a great current awareness page with articles in the area of sports law. Updated daily, this site organizes news articles by individual sport.


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