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Massachusetts Practice Materials: A Selected Bibliography

Prepared by:

Pat Newcombe
Associate Dean for Library & Information Resources

Updated September 2014

Many of the titles below are published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, which is noted as MCLE in this bibliography. Another heavily used resource, the Massachusetts Practice Series ("Mass. Prac."), is also listed below. Mass. Prac. does not have call numbers. One copy is shelved in the Massachusetts Collection on the first floor of the Library; an additional set is kept on Reserve.

Administrative Law

Alexander J. Cella, Administrative Law and Practice  (West Group 1986-). Massachusetts Practice, v. 38, v. 39, v. 40.

Appellate Procedure

Appellate Practice in Massachusetts (Neal Quenzer et al. eds, 3rd ed., MCLE 2011-). Reserve KFM 2955 .A962.

Joseph R. Nolan and Charlene A. Caldeira, Appellate Procedure (3rd. ed., West Group 2009-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 41.

Civil Practice/Procedure

Civil Causes of Action in Massachusetts (MCLE 2012). Reserve KFM2933 .C58 2012.       
Anthony M. Doniger, Massachusetts Litigation Forms and Analysis (Thomson West, 2003-). Reserve. KFM 2930 .A65 D66.             

Massachusetts Courtroom Advocacy (2nd ed., MCLE 2009-). Reserve KFM 2938.Z9 M37 2009.

Massachusetts Pleading and Practice: forms and commentary (M. Bender 1974-). Reserve KFM 2935 .A65 S9.

Massachusetts Superior Court Civil Practice Forms (MCLE 1997-). Reserve KFM 2930 .A65 M37

Joseph R. Nolan, Civil Practice (3rd ed., West Group 2004-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 9, v. 9A.

Marc. G. Perlin, Handbook of Civil Procedure in the Massachusetts District Court  (4th ed, Lawyers Weekly Publications 2009). Reserve KFM 2930 .P47 2009.

Marc G. Perlin, Procedural Forms Annotated (6th ed., West 2009-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 10, 10A, 10B, 10C.

Donald J. Savery, Federal Civil Practice (2nd ed., West Group 2008-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 46.

James W. Smith, Rules Practice (2nd ed., West Group 2006-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 6, v. 7.

Commercial Law

Herbert Lemelman, Uniform Commercial Code Forms Annotated (3rd ed., West Group 2005-). Massachusetts Practice, v. 26, v. 27, v. 27A, v. 27B.

Herbert Lemelman, Manual on Uniform Commercial Code (3rd ed., Thomson/West 2002-).Massachusetts Practice v. 25, v. 25a.

Consumer Law

Howard J. Alperin, Consumer Law (3rd ed., West Group 2010-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 35, 35A, 36, 36A.

Chapter 93A Rights and Remedies (2nd ed., MCLE 2007-). Reserve KFM 2630 .C33 2007.

Marc G. DeGiacomo,  A Practical Guide to Consumer Bankruptcy (MCLE 2010). Reserve KFM 2621 .Z9 D44 2010.

Michael C. Gilleran, The Law of Chapter 93A (2nd ed., Thomson/West 2007-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 52.


Michael J. Bohnen, Massachusetts Corporate Forms: Practice (Michie, 2000-). Reserve KFM 2613 .A65 C34. 

Douglas A. Muir, Massachusetts Corporations and Other Business Entities (3rd ed., LexisNexis 2003-). Reserve KFM 2610 .A6 M953.

C. A. Peairs, Business Corporations with Forms (2011-2012 ed.), Massachusetts Practice, v. 13.

Richard W. Southgate, Massachusetts Corporation Law and Practice (Prentice Hall Law and Business, 1991-). Reserve KFM 2613 .S69.

Criminal Law/Practice

Joseph A. Grasso, Suppression Matters under Massachusetts Law (LexisNexis biennial). Reserve KFM 2975 .G728.

Stephen Hrones, Massachusetts Jury Instructions, Criminal (Lexis Law Publishing 1999-). Reserve KFM 2983 .H65.       

Massachusetts Criminal Practice (2nd ed., LEXIS Law 1998-). KFM 2975 .M375.

Massachusetts District Court Criminal Defense Manual (3rd ed., MCLE 2008-). Reserve KFM 2975 .M383 2008.

Massachusetts Superior Court Criminal Practice Jury Instructions (MCLE, 1999-). Reserve KFM 2983 .A6 M38.     

Massachusetts Superior Court Criminal Practice Manual (MCLE 1999-). Reserve KFM 2975 .M386.

Victoria L. Nadel & Roger Witkin, Criminal Defense Motions (4th ed., Thomson/West 2012-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 42.

Joseph R. Nolan, Criminal Law (3rd ed., West Group 2001-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 32.

Kent B. Smith, Criminal Practice and Procedure (3rd ed., West Group 2007-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 30, 30A, 30B.

Richard G. Stearns, The Massachusetts Criminal Law: A District Court Prosecutor’s Guide (Massachusetts Prosecutor’s Guide 1996-). Reserve  KFM 2975 .S74. 


Dana E. Casher, Collecting Civil Judgments (4th ed., MCLE 2011). Reserve KFM 2951 .Z9 C37 2011.           

Mark G. DeGiacomo, A Practical Guide to Consumer Bankruptcy (2nd ed., MCLE 2010). Reserve KFM 2621 .Z9 D44 2010.

Jordan L. Shapiro, Collection Law: Debtor/Creditor Practice, Procedure, Remedies (3rd ed., West Group 2000-). Massachusetts Practice, v. 48, v.48A.


Massachusetts Divorce Law Practice Forms (MCLE 2000-). Reserve KFM 2500 .A65 M37.

Massachusetts Divorce Law Practice Manual (3rd ed., MCLE 2012-). Reserve KFM 2500 .Z9 M37 2012.

Trying Divorce Cases (MCLE 2000-). Reserve KFM 2500.Z9 H69.

Environmental Law

Massachusetts Environmental Law (3rd ed., MCLE 2010-). Reserve KFM2754 .M374 2010.

Equitable Remedies

Joseph R. Nolan, Equitable Remedies (3rd ed., West Group 2007-).Massachusetts Practice. v. 31.

Estate Planning/Probate

Patricia M. Annino, Estate Planning with Forms (3rd ed., West Group 2007-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 23, 24.

Thomas H. Belknap, Newhall's Settlement of Estates and Fiduciary Law in Massachusetts (5th ed., Lawyers Co-operative 1994-). KFM 2544 .A43 N4.

William J. Brisk, Massachusetts Elder Law (2nd ed., LexisNexis Matthew Bender 2008). Reserve KFM 2491 .A3 B75 2008.

John H.  Clymer, Massachusetts Estate Planning, Will Drafting, and Estate Administration Forms: Practice (2nd ed., LEXIS Law Publishing 1998-). Reserve KFM 2540 .A65 C59.

John H. Cross, Guardianship and Conservatorship in Massachusetts (2nd ed., LEXIS Law Publishing 2000-). Reserve KFM 2506 .C76.

Drafting Estate Plans (MCLE 2004-). Reserve KFM 2540 .D73.

Drafting Irrevocable Trusts in Massachusetts (MCLE 2005). Reserve KFM 2537 .D73 2005.

Drafting Wills and Trusts in Massachusetts (2nd ed., MCLE 2002-). Reserve KFM 2544 .D732.

Sean M. Dunphy, Probate Law and Practice, with Forms (2nd ed., West 1997-).Massachusetts Practice v. 21, v. 22.

Elder law (Thomson/West 2012 ed.). Massachusetts Practice v. 56.             

Estate Planning After Goodridge: Tax, Estate Planning and Probate Implications of Same-Sex Marriage (MCLE 2005). Reserve KFM 2503.Z9 E88 2005.         

Massachusetts Probate Manual
(2nd ed., MCLE 2003-). Reserve KFM 2544 .M37.

Massachusetts Trust and Will Manual: A Continuing Service (Will Manual Service 1967-). Reserve KFM 2538 .A65 V3.

The Massachusetts Will and Trust Manual (Fleet Investment Services 1996). Reserve KFM 2544 .M39 1996.

A Practical Guide to Estate Planning in Massachusetts (MCLE 2007). Reserve KFM 2540 .P73 2007.

Preparing Estate Tax Returns (3rd ed., MCLE 2004-). Reserve KFM 2882 .P734.

Special Needs Trusts: What Estate Planners, Elder Law and Personal Injury Lawyers Need to Know (MCLE 2006). Reserve. KFM 2539 .S64 S673 2006.

Understanding and Using Trusts (MCLE 2009). Reserve KFM 2537 .U53 2009.


Ethical Lawyering in Massachusetts (2nd ed., MCLE 2000-). KFM 2476.5 .A2 E75.

Massachusetts Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics, Opinions of the Committee on Professional Ethics: Beginning January, 1998 (Massachusetts Bar Association 2001-). Reserve KFM 2476.5 .A2 A852.


Richard W. Bishop, Prima Facie Case: Proof and Defense (5th ed., West Group 2005-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 17, 17A, 17B, 17C.

Mark S. Brodin, Handbook of Massachusetts Evidence (8th ed.,Aspen Law & Business 2007). Reserve KFM 2940 .L4 2007.

Daniel K. Gelb, Massachusetts E-discovery & Evidence: Preservation Through Trial (3rd ed., MCLE 2014). Reserve KFM2937 .G45 2014.

Massachusetts Evidence: A Courtroom Reference (7th ed., MCLE 2014). Reserve KFM2940 .M36 2014.

Massachusetts Guide to Evidence (Flaschner Judicial Institute 2011). Reserve KFM 2940 .M372 2011.

Massachusetts Guide to Evidence (MCLE 2013). Reserve KFM 2940 .M3721 2013.

Marc G. Perlin, Mottla's Proof of Cases in Massachusetts (3rd ed., West 1992-). Reserve KFM 2940 .M67.

A Practical Guide to Introducing Evidence: Basic Foundations and Objections (3rd ed., MCLE 2007-). Reserve KFM 2938 P68.

Gilda Tuoni Russell, Massachusetts Hearsay Evidence (MCLE 2006). Reserve KFM 2941.6 .R87 2006.

Bethany R. Scheffler, Massachusetts Motions in Limine (Thomson/West 2011).Massachusetts Practice, v. 54. 

William G. Young, Evidence (2nd ed., West Group 1998-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 19, 20.

Family Law

Andrea J. Cabral, Obtaining, Enforcing and Defending c. 209A Restraining Orders in Massachusetts (MCLE 1997-). Reserve KFM2 967 .F35 C34. 

Family Law Advocacy for Low and Moderate Income Litigants (MCLE 2008). Reserve KFM 2494 .F37 2008.

Family Mediation Quarterly (Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, 2002-). Legal Periodicals.

John V. Harvey, Massachusetts Domestic Relations (4th ed., LEXIS Publishing 2003-). Reserve KFM 2495 .M37.

Charles P. Kindregan, Family Law and Practice with Forms (3rd ed., West Group 2002-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 1, 2, 2A, 3.

Representing Nontraditional Families (2nd ed., MCLE 2006-). Reserve KFM 2502 .Z9 R47.

Forms (General)

William V. Hovey, Legal Forms (5th ed., West Group 2008-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 15, 15A, 16, 16A, 16B.

Massachusetts Basic Practice Manual (4th ed., MCLE 2012). Reserve KFM 2476.5 .A75 M31 2009.

Robert Melvin Rodman, Procedural Forms Annotated  (6th ed., West Group 2009-).Massachusetts Practice v. 10, 10A, 10B, 10C.

Francis T. Talty, Methods of Practice, with Forms (4th ed., West Group 2000-). Massachusetts Practice, v. 5, 5A, 5B.

Health Law

Minehan, Rosemary B., Mental Health Law (Thomson/West 2007-). Masschusetts Practice, v. 53.


Massachusetts Liability Insurance Manual (2nd ed., MCLE 2011). Reserve KFM 2591 .A1 M37 2011.

Andre A. Sansoucy, Liability Insurance Law in Massachusetts (2nd ed., Lawyers Weekly 2008). KFM 2591 .A1 S26 2008. 

Jury Instructions

Massachusetts Superior Court Civil Practice Jury Instructions (2nd ed., MCLE 2008-). Reserve KFM 2942.6 .M387.

Massachusetts Superior Court Criminal Practice Jury Instructions (MCLE 1999). Reserve KFM 2983.A6 M38.

Juvenile Law

Roderick L. Ireland, Juvenile Law  (2d ed., West Group 2006-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 44, 44a.

Massachusetts Juvenile Court Bench Book (MCLE 1998-). Reserve KFM 2996 .A35 M5.

Labor and Employment

Drafting Employment Documents in Massachusetts (2nd ed., MCLE 2007-). Reserve KFM 2734 .Z9 D734.

Victoria Gold, Massachusetts Employer's Guide: A Handbook of Employment Laws and Regulations (Aspen 2008). Reserve KFM 2734 .G65.

Jeffrey L. Hirsch, Labor and Employment in Massachusetts: A Guide to Employment Laws, Regulations, and Practices  (2nd ed., LEXIS Law Publishing 1998-). Reserve KFM 2731 .Z9 H57.

Massachusetts Employment Law (2nd ed., MCLE 2003-). Reserve KFM 2731 .M34.

Scott C. Moriearty, Employment Law (2nd ed., Thomson 2003-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 45.

Scott C. Moriearty, Representing Clients Before the MCAD in Employment Cases (5th ed., MCLE 2010). Reserve KFM 2734.5 .D5 M67 2010. 

Nancy S. Shilepsky, Representing a Plaintiff in a Wrongful Termination Case (3rd ed., MCLE 2007). Reserve KFM 2734.5 .E55 S544 2007.

Landlord and Tenant

E. George Daher, Landlord and Tenant Law with Forms (3rd ed., West Group 2000-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 33, 33a, 34.

Lease Drafting in Massachusetts (3rd ed., MCLE 2010-). Reserve KFM 2517 .S3.

Residential and Commercial Landlord-Tenant Practice in Massachusetts (MCLE 2009-). KFM 2517 .R472 2009.

George Warshaw, Massachusetts Landlord-Tenant Law (2d ed., LexisNexis 2001-). Reserve KFM 2517 .W37. 

Limited Liability Companies

Stanley Keller, Massachusetts Limited Liability Company: Forms and Practice Manual (Data Trace Publishing Co. 1996-). Reserve KFM 2607.5 .A65 K45.

A Practical Guide to Massachusetts Limited Liability Companies (2d ed., MCLE 2006-). Reserve KFM 2607.5 .P73.

Mediation and Arbitration

Paul Finn, Mediation and Arbitration  (West Group 2008-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 47.

Motor Vehicle Law

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses: Criminal, Civil, and Registry Practice (MCLE 2009-). Reserve KFM 2939 .T7 M37 2009.

Raymond J. Kenney, Motor Vehicle Law and Practice: And Related Topics with Forms (4th ed., West Group 2008-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 11, 12.

Massachusetts Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook (LexisNexis annual). Reserve KFM 2961.A29 M372 (with CD).    

Motor Vehicle and Traffic Laws of Massachusetts (Gould Publications 1977-). Reserve KFM 2697 .A3 1977.

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Torts: Liability & Litigation
(2d ed., MCLE 2006-). Reserve KFM 2697 .A73 M37.

Municipal Law

Douglas A. Randall, Municipal Law and Practice (5th ed., West Group 2006-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 18, 18A, 18B, 18C. 

Nonprofit Organizations

Massachusetts Nonprofit Organizations (3d ed., MCLE 2007-). Reserve KFM 2611 .M38.

Property/Real Estate

Arthur L. Eno, Real Estate Law with Forms (4th ed., West Publishing  2004-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 28, 28A, 28B.

Handling Residential Real Estate Transactions in Massachusetts  (3rd ed., MCLE 2013). Reserve KFM 2526 .H36 2013.

Litigating Real Estate Disputes in Massachusetts (2nd ed., MCLE 2014). Reserve KFM2512 .L585. 

Robert L. Marzelli, Massachusetts Real Estate  (3rd ed., LEXIS Law Publishing 2005-). Reserve KFM 2526 .M35.

Massachusetts Condominium Law (2nd ed., MCLE 2008-).  Reserve KFM 2514 .C6 M372 2008. 

Massachusetts Real Estate Liens (MCLE 2010-). Reserve KFM 2576 .L5 M37.

Edward C. Mendler, Massachusetts Conveyancers' Handbook: with Forms (4th ed., West 2008). Reserve KFM 2527 .M45 2008. 

Real Estate Title Practice in Massachusetts (2nd ed., MCLE 2010-). Reserve KFM 2527 .Z9 R43.

Small Claims

Sean Coleman, Pursuing a Case in Small Claims Court (3rd ed., MCLE 2010). Reserve KFM 2921 .C65 2010.


Andrew C. Bailey, Taxation (5th ed., West Group 2009-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 4, v. 4A, v. 4B, v. 4C.

Massachusetts Tax Reporter (Commerce Clearing House 1967-). KFM 2870 .A6 C6.

Guidebook to Massachusetts Taxes (Commerce Clearing House annual). KFM 2870 .C6. 

Massachusetts Taxation and DOR Practice (2nd ed., MCLE 2004-). Reserve KFM 2871 .M37.

Official Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Revenue Masstax Guide (West Pub.Co. 1987-). Mass. Collection.

Preparing Estate Tax Returns (3rd ed., MCLE 2004-). Reserve KFM 2882 .P734.


Michael B. Bogdanow, Massachusetts Tort Damages (2nd ed., LEXIS Law Publishing 1999-). Reserve KFM 2595 .B64.

Damages, Interest, and Attorney Fees in Massachusetts Litigation  (3rd ed., MCLE 2009). Reserve KFM 2490 .D3 D363 2009-.

Massachusetts Tort Law Manual  (2nd ed., MCLE 2009-). Reserve KFM 2595 .M37 T67.

Joseph R. Nolan, Tort Law (3rd ed., West Group 2005-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 37, v. 37A.

Trial Practice

William C. Flanagan, Trial Practice (2nd ed., West Group 2005-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 43.

John M. Greaney, Massachusetts Summary Judgment Benchbook (Flaschner Judicial Institute 2005). Reserve KFM 2946 .S8 G74 2005.

Peter M. Lauriat, Discovery (2nd ed., West Group 2008-). Massachusetts Practice, v. 49.

Peter M. Lauriat, Massachusetts Jury Trial Benchbook (2nd ed., Flaschner Judicial Institute 2004). KFM 2942 .Z9 L368 2004.

Massachusetts Courtroom Advocacy (2nd ed., MCLE 2009-). Reserve KFM 2938.Z9 M37.

Massachusetts Deposition Practice Manual (3rd ed., MCLE 2013). Reserve KFM 2937 .M373 2013.             

Massachusetts Discovery Practice
(MCLE 2002-). Reserve KFM 2937 .Z9 M37.

Massachusetts Summary Judgment and Related Termination Motions (Thomson/West, 2012). Massachusetts Practice, v. 55.

Edward M. Swartz, Trial Handbook for Massachusetts Lawyers 3d (West Group 1999-). Reserve KFM 2938 .Z9 S.

Trying Murder and Other Homicide Cases in Massachusetts (MCLE 2004-). Reserve KFM 2967 .H6 T79.

Workers Compensation

Leonard Nason, Worker’s Compensation (3rd ed., Thomson/West 2003-).Massachusetts Practice, v. 29, 29A.

Workers’ Compensation Practice in Massachusetts  (MCLE 2001-). KFM 2742 .W679.


Mark Bobrowski, Handbook of Massachusetts Land Use and Planning Law: Zoning, Subdivision Control, and Nonzoning Alternative (3rd ed., Aspen Law & Business 2011-). Reserve KFM 2858 .B63.   

Massachusetts Zoning Manual (5th ed., MCLE 2010-). Reserve KFM 2858 .M38.

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