"I am pursuing my LL.M. at Western New England University because I wanted to gain expertise in the estate planning and elder law area. I recently got married which resulted in my move to a small town in Oklahoma which does not have any higher education institutions much less a law school with an established LL.M. program.  Western New England University’s distance learning LL.M. program has been absolutely perfect for me! Since I still have a Texas Bar License (I am awaiting my OK license), the Internet learning program allows me the flexibility to still be able to practice part-time in Texas and still live in Oklahoma and take classes. I also have an active social life, which finds me flying all over the country and internationally. Being able to attend class from India, French Polynesia, or even a small town in Oklahoma has been wonderful. I have been able to further my education, work, be near my husband, and live an active social life. 

"I would without a doubt recommend the Western New England University LL.M. program to any busy, practicing attorney who is interested in estate planning and elder law. The program offers a quality education, which extends more than just the theory of law, but offers great insight into the actual practice of law. The professors have all practiced in estate planning and elder law area and teach courses related to their specialties, and regularly offer hypothetical-based on problems they have actually run into in their own practices. In my experience, the program and professors are also willing to work with students who have other personal and professional obligations. This program provides knowledge to both recent law school graduates and practicing attorneys who encounter estate planning and elder law cases in their practices."

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