"I think the program is tremendous, and I don’t feel anything is lost at all by taking it online. There are a lot of advantages. There was a snowstorm that occurred earlier this month that shut down the Blake Law Center, but that didn’t stop us. I can take a vacation with my family and not miss a class. The other advantage is that all of the classes are recorded so if I do miss a class or want to review all or a portion of the class I can watch it again.

"You can post your message in the chat box, but you’re judicious about what you ask. I think sometimes that just taking a minute to frame your question you wind up asking a better question than you would just raising your hand and blurting something out and that’s beneficial.

"Everyone brings different perspectives to the classroom because they are from different jurisdictions. For instance, California is a community property state so some of our work here differs from the east coast."

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