Message from the Dean

Let me congratulate you on your decision to pursue a life in the law. I am proud to be a lawyer and proud to be the Dean of a law school that focuses on professional legal education. Let me share with you three key attributes of our program: we are Practical, Personal, and Passionate.

Practical. We were founded in 1919 as the Springfield branch of Northeastern University with the mission of providing access to the legal profession for working people. Today, our mission is to educate future lawyers to practice law. Our program includes many opportunities for you to think, act, and write like a lawyer, including clinics, externships, competition teams, and simulation courses. These practical skills will benefit you whether you choose to work in a firm, clerk for a judge, or defend or prosecute in court.

Personal. At Western New England you really will get to know your classmates and professors. Our faculty members offer a personal, interactive approach to teaching, further enhanced by small classes, an open door policy, and individual counseling sessions.

Passionate. We have faculty members engaged in vital projects such as helping low-income entrepreneurs, fighting for marriage equality, and assisting local environmental groups. Our pro bono program will get you out into the community. Whatever your passion, you are likely to find a kindred spirit here. 

Those attributes are important in choosing a law school, but affordability is too. We have kept our tuition low compared to other private law schools and our Trustees approved a tuition freeze through 2017-18, which means your tuition will not go up during your time here. Together with our generous scholarships, we hope our program fits both your professional goals and your personal budget.

Selecting a law school is a big decision. The best way to make that decision is to come see for yourself. We are proud to call Western New England University School of Law home, and you will be, too


Eric J. Gouvin
Dean and Professor of Law
Western New England University School of Law

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Dean Eric J. Gouvin