Academic Success Program  

General Overview 

The Law School Academic Success Program provides assistance to students who need additional support in developing their writing, studying, and/or analytical skills. The program is administered by the Assistant Dean of Academic Success. The Academic Success Program helps students work on skills such as time management, case reading and briefing, case analysis and analytical reasoning, and legal argumentation. It also assists students with study techniques, class preparation, outlining, and exam preparation and exam writing techniques. The program is open to all students, with special sessions for both first-year day and evening students. 

The Director of Academic Success Programs meets with students to discuss their plans for academic success. 

The Academic Success Program provides academic support assistance in both group and individual sessions. Active participation in the program is considered by the Academic Standards and Student Appeals Committee in the event a student is academically disqualified and seeks readmission.

To learn more about the Academic Success Program, contact Myra Orlen, Director of Academic Success Programs at or 413-782-1415. Dean Orlen's office is located on the second floor of the Blake Law Center in Room 221.  


One-L Workshop Series

Fall Semester workshops available to all first-year students on topics designed to ease your transition to law school study and maximize your potential for success.

Spring Semester workshops available to all first year students focus on review of students’ success in fall term courses and on improving performance in spring term courses.

Professor Orlen is available to meet with first year students, individually or in groups. 

Opportunities for Upper-Level Students

Individual Counseling

Professor Orlen is available to meet with and counsel students at any time regarding study techniques, time management, supplemental materials, study groups, and other matters related to academic progress.

At the end of the first year, those students placed on academic warning status, whose academic performance is sufficient for advancement but in need of improvement, meet individually with Professor Orlen to form a course and study plan for the coming year, and have periodic support meetings to check on progress.

Resource Room

Room 212 makes available a library of academic support materials. These materials may be perused in the Resource Room.

Bar Support Services

Kandace J. Kukas is the Assistant Dean for Bar Admission Programs

The School of Law offers Advanced Legal Analysis Classes for students in their final year of law study.

Dean Kukas is available to meet individually with graduates to help them form a study plan as they prepare to take bar examinations.



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