The Juris Doctor degree requires 88 semester hours of course credit, of which 76 are law school semester hours and 12 of which are taken in the School of Social Work.

The Master of Social Work degree requires 60 semester hours of course credit, of which 48 are social work semester hours and 12 of which are taken at the School of Law.

The social work courses available for credit in the JD program are listed in Appendix II of the Memorandum of Agreement between Springfield College School of Social Work and Western New England University.  Because the curriculum changes from time, the deans of the respective programs review the courses available for cross-credit and revise the list on an annual basis.  Here is the list for the 2004-05 academic year:

Social Work Courses Listed as Approved in
Appendix II of Memorandum of Agreement

Course Name
Policy 1: social Welfare Policy in America -- History and Basic Analyisis
Policy 2: Policy Implementation and Change in Organization and Communities
Policy 3: Social Action in the Struggle for Human Dignity
Social Work Practice 2: Assessment, Goal Setting, and Practice Techniques with
              Groups, Organizations and Communities
Social Work Practice 3: Advanced Generalist Practice with Vulnerable Populations
Research 3: Qualitative Research
Human Rights
Family and Public Policy: System and Crisis
Family Treatment
Substance Abuse in Social Work Practice
Legal Aspects of Social Welfare
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Proposal Writing and Grant Acquisition
Women's Issues in Human Services















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