Clinical Testimonials

“The Criminal Law Clinic was by far the most valuable experience of my law school career. To be able to step out of the classroom and get real life experience in a courtroom has added immensely to my understanding of the law and its practical applications. I feel extremely fortunate to have been given the opportunity.”

- Mary-Elizabeth Dupelle ’07

"My experience with the Legal Services Clinic allowed me to understand what it is like to be an attorney. The joy of winning your first court case, the stress of negotiating a case where your client has little to no evidence or power, and the empathy when notifying a possible client that they have no legal claim. The highlight of my experience was knowing when I had left work an the end of the day, I had made a significant difference in a person's life."

- Kenneth Root ’07

"Applying for the Legal Services Clinic was best decision I made in law school, and it was by far the most outstanding educational experience I have had at Western New England University School of Law. The clinic gave me the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients facing a broad range of problems. Helping real clients with their real issues taught me more about being a lawyer than any textbook or lecture. Working in the Legal Services office with their experienced lawyers gave me a tremendous insight about the practical aspects of the legal profession. Lastly, because Legal Services works primarily with economically disadvantaged clients, I learned firsthand the vital role that lawyers can play in the lives of our clients. Its not only the students that benefit from working at Legal Services—you can make a real and positive impact on our community even while you learn the skills you will need in your professional career after law school."

- Chris Whalley ’07

"The Consumer Protection Clinic gave useful and enlightening experience. Dealing with people and real world problems with practical guidance was an important counterpoint to classroom theory."

- Chris Foster ’07

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