Frequently Asked Questions

When is your application deadline?

We encourage you to submit your application early, since admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. The Admissions Committee begins admitting applicants in January and completes the majority of its work by April. It is strongly recommended that applications for full-time enrollment be completed by March 15. Applications for part-time enrollment should be submitted by June 1. An applicant's chance of admission decreases significantly after the suggested March 15 deadline, as does the chance of being awarded a scholarship.

What are your median LSAT and GPA?

For the Fall 2014 enetering class, the median LSAT was a 146. Our median GPA was a 3.12.

How big are the first year classes?

We are a relatively small school, so classes for the full-time day students are small enough to allow students to know their faculty and classmates.  Typically, first year sections are between 45-50 per section. The evening section is typically smaller than the day section. 

Does your school have concentrations and specializations?

We offer seven concentrations: Business Law, Criminal Law, Estate Planning, International and Comparative Law, Public Interest Law, Real Estate, and Gender and Sexuality.

When is the latest I can take the LSAT for admission this year?

It is strongly suggested that you take the LSAT by February of the year you are applying. Your chances of admission are reduced by taking the June test, since we admit on a rolling basis and the class may be full by that time. However, it is possible to still be admitted with a June test score. Please call the Admissions Office at 413-782-1406 or 800-782-6665, if you have questions or concerns about when to take the LSAT.

How do you view multiple LSAT scores?

We consider an applicant's highest LSAT score when multiple LSAT scores are present (For reporting purposes we use the high LSAT score as required by the ABA). However, the Admissions Committee analyzes multiple scores as one of many predictors of an applicant's academic success. We strongly recommend that you study properly for the LSAT the first time, so that a second test is not necessary.  There may be limitations on the number of times you are eligible to take the LSAT test within a two-year period.  Please contact for further details.

How long is my LSAT score valid?

Beginning July 1, 2015, Law School Admission Council will report your score for 5 years. After this date, applicants and law schools will not have access to any score older than five years.   However, the Admission Committee uses scores from the last three years for admission purposes. If you wish for a score more than three years old to be considered, please make a written request for that score to be considered. You may submit your request via email at Contact the Admissions office at 800-782-6665 if you have further questions.

Do you have a part-time program?

Western New England University School of Law offers both a four-year part-time day and a four-year part-time evening program. These four-year programs include two summers of study at five credits each. Evening classes meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00 - 9:15 p.m. The part-time day program schedule is based on the full-time day schedule, with classes meeting five (5) days per week with varying class times.

Do you offer any combined degree programs?

Western New England University School of Law offers a JD/MBA (Master in Business Administration) with Western New England University, a JD/MSA (Master in Accounting) with Western New England University, a JD/MSW (Master in Social Work) with the Springfield College School of Social Work, and a JD/MRP (Master in Regional Planning) with University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Western New England University School of Law also offers a six year combined degree program Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering (BSME/JD).   You must be admitted separately into each program.

What is your Bar Pass Rate?

Western New England University School of Law reports our Bar Passage rates to the ABA as part of the annual ABA Questionnaire.  To access the most current ABA data on our Bar Passage rates, please click here.

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