Supreme Court Review Conference

Important Decisions of the 2010-2011 Term


On November 11, 2011, the Law School's Institute for Legislative and Governmental Affairs hosted the Sixteenth Annual Review of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States during the preceding Term of the Court. The presentations can be watched employing any software capable to rendering H.264 encoded video, including QuickTime, iTunes, VLC, and newer versions of Windows Media Player. As is always true of video archives on the web, the video requires a broadband connection to the internet.

Panel on the Constitutionality of the Federal Affordable Care Act:  Professor Jennifer Levi, Moderator, with Panelists Professor Leora Harpaz, Professor Bruce Miller and Professor Arthur Wolf The Video
Professor Leora Harpaz — The First Amendment Cases: Does Money Talk and the Supreme Court Listen? The Video
Professor Giovanna Shay — Big Issues in Criminal Justice: Wrongful Conviction, Over-Incarceration, and the Right to Counsel The Video
Professor Bruce Miller — Is the Roberts Court Trying to Deregulate Business? The Video


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